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Take a peek at Taylor Swift’s closet in a new commercial

She’s got her winter wardrobe ready

As any true fans of the singer know, Taylor Swift is a huge fan of cardigans, and she made sure to highlight that fact in a new advertisement for Capital One.

As part of her ongoing partnership with the bank, the pop star welcomed in the beginning of cozy season in the aforementioned commercial. The short clip shows the Folklore singer looking out of the window as she wonders, “It’s looking kinda chilly out today, what am I gonna wear?”

That’s when she strolls over to her wardrobe, which is filled with nothing but cardigans.

“I think I’ll go with a Cardigan,” she says before winking at the camera.

Of course, this is a play on not only Taylor’s love of sweaters, but the fact that her most recent album, Folklore, has a song titled, “Cardigan” on it.

The closet full of cardigans in the Capital One ad might look familiar to fans of the singer, as it’s actually a piece of merch that’s available for purchase. The white knit sweaters feature a patch on the front that says, “Folklore album” along with black stitching, black buttons down the front, and three silver stars on both sleeves. Taylor also wore that very same sweater in her “Cardigan” music video.

This isn’t the first time Swift has appeared in an advertisement for Capital One, a company with which she’s had a deal with for years now. The previous commercials show Taylor acting as both a waitress and a bartender, and unfortunately, she’s not very good at either job. Unsurprisingly, the ads also feature the customers in the diner and at the bar being absolutely stunned that they’re being served by none other than Taylor Swift.

Beside her latest venture with Capital One, the Pennsylvania native is doing big things elsewhere in her career, as usual. The 30-year-old superstar released Folklore, an album that takes her back to her country roots, in July and debuted at number one.

Now, just a few months later, it’s been revealed that Taylor’s album is still going strong, recently surpassing 1 million sales. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor’s album sold another 57,000 copies in the US just last week.

According to data gathered by Nielsen Music/MRC Date, Folklore’s album sales have now reached over 1.038 million copies, making it the first album to pass that million mark this year. While it’s a big milestone, this definitely doesn’t come as a surprise for Taylor, who has reached this exact milestone before. Taylor’s last album, Lover, was the only album to sell a million copies in the US in 2019 – selling 1.09 million last year.

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