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2020 Elections

Lil Pump joins Trump rally, Cardi B wakes up early to vote plus 8 things celebrities did for election day

These celebrities encouraged everyone to vote. Including Kanye West, who voted for the first time in his life for himself.

It’s been a wild 48 hours leading up to election day. Here’s 8 celebrities who have been encouraging Americans to vote.

Lil Pump joins Donald Trump Onstage

Donald Trump had a random last-minute endorsement from a rapper named Lil Pump. The Soundcloud rapper was relevant in 2017 for his song “Gucci Gang.” After posting photos endorsing trump on his Instagram page, he was invited to speak at the president‘s final campaign rally Monday night in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Unfortunately, Trump didn’t know what the rapper’s name was and called him “Little Pimp” instead of “Lil Pump.” Trump asked his supporters if they knew who he was and attempted to educate them about how “famous” he was.

John Legend says everyone‘s “former favorite” rappers endorsing Trump are in the “Sunken Place.”

While Lil Pump was speaking for Trump, John Legend and Common, took the stage Monday night at a Biden-Harris rally led by Senator Kamala Harris. He called Trump’s plan for Black Americans “Fool’s gold” and without calling the rappers out by name, Legend joked that rappers like Ice Cube and Lil Wayne who endorsed Trump are in “The Sunken Place,” referencing Jordan Peele’s 2017 horror film “Get Out.” “Some of your former favorite rappers have been taken in by these lies. I think they even founded a new super group, it’s called the Sunken Place,” Legend said at his piano.

Glenn Close rocks a full Biden mask

Glenn Close got in costume and made it clear who she was voting for. The Oscar-nominated actress posted a photo Tuesday wearing a Biden mask with aviator sunglasses and a “Unity over division” Biden/Harris sweatshirt. Her dog made it clear he supported her decision even though he’s not allowed to vote. Close captioned the post, “Joe is feeling GOOD! Pip is, too! GO JOE AND KAMALA! #wewillgethtroughthistogether #joebidenforpresident2020 #joebiden #iwillvote #ivoted #voteblue2020 #proudtovoteforawoman!!!”

Lady Gaga performs at Biden rally and defends her post wearing Camouflage

Lady Gaga performed at a drive-in rally for Biden at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh Monday night and encouraged voters to make a plan for Election day. She also defended a video she posted on social media over the weekend where she wore camouflage. She received push back from people who claimed she was mocking middle America and pushing “redneck” stereotypes. Gaga addressed the video at the rally and explained, “I put some country clothes on the other day and said I was voting for Joe because I wear Cabela‘s [hunting gear] when I’m on a four-wheeler in Pennsylvania. And I will not be told what I can and cannot wear to endorse our future president,” she told the crowd. “So this is what I have to say about that... I may not always look like you. But I am you. We are each other.” Gaga then sang ”Shallow” from ”A Star is Born” and her 2011 song ”You and I.” But she changed the lyrics to reference the Democratic candidate. ”Something about my cool Pennsylvania guy,” Gaga sang. “There’s something about Joe, you and I.”

Khloe Kardashian joins ‘Ellen’ phone banking

Ellen Degeneres made the focus of her Tuesday episode the election and held a phone banking. Degeneres joked at the start of the show that she hasn’t anticipated a day this much since her wedding. “And hopefully after the results of this election, my marriage will still be legal,” Degeneres said. Khloe Kardashian made an appearance on the episode to help get out the vote. She joined 10-year-old presidential expert Macey Hensley to make calls encouraging Americans to head to the polls if they hadn‘t already. “You guys are the change and the voice that we need,” Kardashian told a voter from Houston.

Cardi B wakes up early to vote in-person

Cardi B reminded her Instagram followers Monday that Tuesday was election day and gave them advice on how to hit the polls. Her advice included- taking snacks, sweaters, going with a friend to keep you entertained, and being willing to wait in line to get your voice heard. “If you know me you know I hate waking up early, but I‘m going to wake up extremely early so I won’t get caught in them lines,” she said. Cardi also encouraged that everyone stay patient, make sure their phone is fully charged and to dress low key so people don’t try to harass or attack. “You don’t got to be special, you don’t got to be rich, you don‘t got be famous, you don’t got to be beautiful, you just got to be you, with your little one vote” to make a change, the rapper passionately exclaimed.

Kanye West votes for the first time in his life

Kanye West let the world know on Tuesday that he voted for the first time in his life. Unsurprisingly, he cast his first vote in history for himself. The rapper tweeted, “God is so good. Today I am voting for the first time in my life for the President of the United States, and it’s for someone I truly trust. Me.” He also tweeted “We will heal. We will Cure.”

Offset ran into problems with officials in Georgia

Offset has been vocal about doing your civic duty like his wife Cardi B. The “Migos” rapper lets his fans know he voted Tuesday but ran into a problem with Georgia officials while trying to feed voters at polling locations. The Lincoln Project tweeted that Offset would be at polling locations like an elementary school in Atlanta, Georgia and a recreation center and encouraged fans to take selfies and get free food from Slutty Vegan ATL while they voted. Unfortunately, Offset was allegedly threatened. The project tweeted “We’ve been working in Georgia with @OffsetYRN, to feed Gwinnett’s voters in those unnecessarily long lines, but instead of a welcome, he was threatened by @gwinnettgov. This is what voter intimidation and discrimination looks like.”

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