Selena Gomez In New York City - January 13, 2020
Make a difference!

Selena Gomez urge her followers to vote in person

“Your voice matters so much,” she said.

Selena Gomez uses her platform to urge her followers to vote in person today and know that they can make a difference in the 2020 election.

“Hey guys, I know that many of you have voted, and I’m so proud, and I’m so happy that you did, but there is plenty of other people who haven’t, and I think they don’t plan to,” Gomez said. “So please use mail-in ballot. Please vote in person at this point if you can, especially in my hometown like Texas, and Pennsylvania, and Florida. Your voice matters so much. People think that it doesn’t matter, but other elections have been this close before,” Gomez said using her fingers, ”so you have to understand that your voice does matter, and it’s so important, and I’m just so thankful that you guys are listening, and I hope that you can get out there and do everything that you can. Please, please vote in person.”

For the 28-year-old actress and singer, this was the first election she has voted in. According to her, she never voted before because she thought that her vote didn’t matter. “I never felt—and this is so true—and I’m now like admitting it to people, like my vote counts,” she said during a Voting Power Hour appearance. “Like, every little thing counts, so I just think some people get in their head, like, oh well, what does it matter? And then once I really, really started going in and diving into this, it’s been all I can focus on.”

Although the Rare beauty founder hasn’t endorsed a candidate, she serves as a co-chair on Michelle Obama’s When We All Vote initiative. During an Instagram Live with Timothée Chalamet, she agreed when the actor said he wantedDonald Trump to lose the 2020 presidential election.

Like Gomez, other celebrities have begged their fans to exercise their right to vote. Singer Taylor Swift asked her followers to vote for Mr. Joe Biden and Ms. Kamala Harris. Actor Dwayne Johnson made his first political endorsement and said that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are “the best choice to lead our country.” Demi Lovato went ahead and even wrote a song for Trump. Ariana Grande also took social media to ask followers to register to vote. “If you haven‘t yet or if you know of a friend or family member that hasn’t, it’s imperative that you make sure they register today because Florida has the potential of swaying the election,” she said. Rapper Cardi B also asks fans to register to vote. “I spoke to Joe Biden. I think he’s getting it. I think he understands people’s pain. And I’m ready to see a change.”

Actor George Clooney said this is a fight everyone needs to fight. “Of course you fight the losing fights, and of course you go into them fully expecting that you’re going to lose this fight,” Clooney said. “But that’s how democracy works. You fight it, and fight it, and at some point it changes.” While Kim Kardashian urged her Instagram followers to vote, by simply saying that they have “the power to change your future”.

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