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Sienna Miller shares her Hollywood experiences with gender disparity

The London based actress confessed that she was “pitifully underpaid” for her role in the acclaimed film ‘American Sniper’ alongside Bradley Cooper.

Sienna Miller opens up about being a single mom in the film industry, sharing her thoughts on gender disparity and her experience in Hollywood.

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The 38-year-old actress has found herself multiple times in the public eye, making her gain plenty of knowledge in her professional and personal life, and now standing up for herself whenever she feels is necessary.

Sienna revealed she is determined to stand her ground, especially within her career, further explaining that women should be compensated accordingly.

The London based movie star went on to say that “when you’re a single mother shooting,” there’s numerous fees that the productions should take into account, adding that she has to bring her child and is forced to “find a school, find childcare,” making the comparison with male actors, because “more often than not their wives stay home with the kids.”

The mother of eight-year-old Marlowe confessed that she was “pitifully underpaid” for her role in the acclaimed film American Sniper alongside Bradley Cooper, however she decided to accept the part and at the time she was “incredibly grateful,” as it was an amazing storyline and it was directed by Clint Eastwood.

This is not the first time Sienna finds herself in an awkward position involving production budgets in a blockbuster, as she also recalled the time Chadwick Boseman took a salary cut so she could be fairly compensated for the 2019 film 21 Bridges, which she described as “the most astounding thing that” she had ever experienced.

Miller seems to have found peace now that she is fighting for herself, and urged every woman to “practice the uncomfortable acts of standing up for yourself,” adding that she is trying to have those “difficult conversations” to advocate for herself.