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Digital Cover Exclusive Día de Muertos

Angela Aguilar and the legacy of a family dynasty rich in tradition

The young singer celebrates with HOLA! Día de Muertos and shows us that she always keeps her connection with Mexican culture alive through music

One of the most important characteristics of many young people born in the United States and of Latino descent is the fact that they don’t turn their backs on their roots. In that sense, Angela Aguilar loves her Mexican heritage and although she was born in Los Angeles, California, the third and youngest of the Aguilar dynasty proudly boasts her strong cultural and musical bond. At only 17 years old, she is already one of the Mexican music singers with the greatest projection at the moment in the United States.

From the passivity of her ranch in Mexico and surrounded by her family, the young woman explains to us what she has learned from her parents about Día de Muertos, one of the most popular traditional celebrations in the Aztec country. Always under the advice and tutelage of her beloved mother, Angela reveals to us in an exclusive chat with  HOLA! USA as she keeps alive the tradition that their grandparents Antonio Aguilar and Flor Silvestre started to take Mexican music and its culture to cross borders in this globalized world. For Pepe Aguilar‘s youngest daughter, it is important that as a public figure she inspires new generations to keep our values in force since they are part of our identity and serve as a guide to know where we come from and where we are going.

In addition, we asked about her new musical projects such as her most recent virtual installment entitled “Que no se apague la música”, which was recorded at her home and where she explores different genres with total musical control and knowledge of the different decades. In this regard, the Grammy and twice Latin Grammy nominee offers an unforgettable show in support of the MusicCares foundation, which is part of the prestigious Recording Academy, in which she makes it clear that she is an artist with overwhelming vocal power and a promising future.

“I am proud to be a Mexican-American. I have been studying in the United States all my life. At the end of the day, I am also a citizen of the world. I would never take my traditions for granted because they are years of effort and work. “
“My parents from a very young age taught me that I have to appreciate where I come from, I have to see what is happening in the world, what our grandparents and our ancestors left us.”
How is your transit through this pandemic?
Would you change something?
Tell us about your recent virtual work called “Que no se apague la música”…
What does it mean to you to be able to maintain and celebrate the Mexican traditions that you have inherited from your parents?

Siento que tengo una responsabilidad un poquito grande porque las niñas chiquitas me están viendo a mí para un ejemplo a seguir y quiero transmitirles que las tradiciones son muy bonitas.©Hola
Responsibility in traditions ...
Where have you been recently that has linked you to your Mexican roots?
How do you feel about everything you have been achieving as a singer at 17?
You are 17 years old and 8 years into your career ...
“My goal is to create happiness, maintain it and plant that little seed that my parents taught me to instill in people to love their traditions.”
mi padre que me ha impulsado muchísimo a ser quien soy me ha transformado en la persona que soy es que siempre me repite que haga las cosas con honestidad y que si no las hago con honestidad y no soy sincera se va a notar©Hola
My father who has driven me a lot to be who I am has made me into the person I am. He always tells me to do things honestly and that if I don‘t do them honestly and I’m not sincere, he will notice.
¿What advice from your father do you apply the most in your daily life?
What image do you want to project as an artist?
What responsibility do you feel you have as a Latinx?
Would you like to do a musical duet with a particular artist?

Mi objetivo es crear felicidad, mantenerla y sembrar esa semillita que me enseñaron mis padres de inculcarle a la gente de querer sus tradiciones.©Hola
Mi objetivo es crear felicidad, mantenerla y sembrar esa semillita que me enseñaron mis padres de inculcarle a la gente de querer sus tradiciones.
“My mother has saved me from many and that is why I have never had a boyfriend because no one has reached my parents‘ standards (laughs). I have to write a song about this!”
You have had the luxury of saying no to various artists ...
How are you for love relationships, do you have a boyfriend?
Is your dad very jealous?
And your mom, does she support you with the issue of relationships and boyfriends?

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