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Pamela Anderson hasn’t seen her son in seven months because of COVID-19 shutdown

“I want to hug them” the star said about missing her children

Just like so many families around the country, Pamela Anderson has been separated from her son for months because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The actress and model has been hiding out at her family ranch in British Columbia for the duration of the shutdown, and since her children don’t live with her anymore, she hasn’t seen them. She revealed recently that she has been separated from her 22-year-old son Dylan, who lives in Los Angeles, for the entirety of the global health crisis.

“I went to LA. I have seen (older son) Brandon but I haven’t seen Dylan for seven months; we FaceTime but it’s not great I need more, I want to hug them,” she said during an appearance on the U.K. talk show Loose Women on Wednesday. “I miss my sons terribly and there are times I want to get into my car and just drive to them; there are frantic moments where I just want to see them.”

Of course, the Baywatch star wants to see her sons, but she also admitted to grappling with loneliness overall during the lockdown.

“There is an epidemic of loneliness, a lack of intimacy with technology, we have to embrace what’s happening now instead of the past, human contact is very important and we need to keep in touch,” she explained.

Even though it has been difficult being away from her boys, the Canadian actress is definitely enjoying her time away from the United States, especially because of how intense the current political climate is.

“I came here to stop everything, I knew I’d come back eventually when I got sick of the world, and it’s nice. I surround myself with a small group of people. Hollywood friends aren’t that necessary,” she revealed. “I don’t think I want to be in L.A. during the election… the government is ridiculous.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Anderson talked about some of the other problems she’s been dealing with during the pandemic, which includes something we can all related to: weight gain.

“I have a gym that I look at every so often,” she joked on Loose Women. “I feel a little puffy but winter is coming so I won‘t feel cold.”

Everyone is experiencing similar struggles during this process, which includes not being able to see our families anywhere other than a phone or computer screen. Like Anderson said, in a time like this, it’s important we keep in touch with the people we love by any means necessary.

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