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Danna Paola responds to Tini and Yatra Rumors

“Let‘s not favor the fight between women in the industry, on the contrary, there should be more collaborations between women”

The Argentine singer, Tini Stoessel, Sebastián Yatra‘s ex-girlfriend, published a message on Twitter on September 23 in which it seems that she is sending a hint to Danna Paola, as it is believed that she is the cause of the separation. “Now I understand her bad reputation ... but whoever does it, sooner or later pays for it,” wrote the Argentine singer along with the hashtag of the song #Duele. Since the break between Yatra and Stoessel became known, media and followers pointed to Danna as the alleged culprit and love interest of the Colombian. But are these rumors true?

Tini and Danna

“It‘s not that I need you, it’s that you need it. You need my kisses,” says the new song by Stoessel, although she denies that the song is a heartbreak. Fans believe it is a message against Danna Paola. Danna at the time said that she had no relationship with Sebastián Yatra, but users of social networks insisted on a romance between the interpreters who worked together on the single ”No bailes sola”.

Paola‘s love life has aroused great interest among her fans, even giving rise to several rumors, including the one in saying she was romantically involved with Sebastián Yatra. And although both stars have put those rumors away, posting the beautiful friendship that unites them, some details have brought that topic back to the conversation, such as that message that Stoessel published weeks ago on the social networks of Yatra, and in which she supposedly sent a hint to the protagonist of Elite, Danna Paola. “Now I understand her bad reputation, but whoever does it sooner or later, pays for it”, you could read in those lines that caused a stir, especially by referring to “Mala fama”, one of Danna’s most successful songs. Now, Danna has finally responded to this situation.

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Sebastian Yatra and Tini

During a recent meeting with the press, the singer could not avoid being questioned by those comments from Tini, responding directly and distancing herself once and for all from any controversy. Of course, she made it clear that she will always protect her private life. “I think it is very cool that they want to see me with someone, but I think that is something very personal and there are things that one keeps, it is the only thing that is private ...”, she assured.

Paola also took advantage of the space to emphasize her friendship with Yatra, highlighting the good chemistry that both have achieved throughout these months and that has given rise to their recent musical collaboration. “The truth is that with Sebastián, we have just released the acoustic version of “No Bailes Sola”. You have to normalize the relationship between a boy and a girl, they don‘t necessarily have to be dating ... “, she commented in a calmer way.

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Danna Paola

Finally, Paola closed the subject of that phrase by Tini by stating the position that as a woman she has assumed within the industry, always respectful for the work of her colleagues, and making a firm appeal to those who take the existence of controversies for granted. “I respect Tini, Karol G, Becky G a lot… let‘s take that away a bit, let’s not favor the fight between women in the industry, on the contrary, there should be more collaborations between women… I think that’s what it’s all about, focus and stop gossiping… ”, said the actress, who at this moment is enjoying her success in music, avoiding publicly touching on issues related to her private life.

At the beginning of August, Danna Paola and Sebastián Yatra gave a pleasant surprise, after meeting again after two years, on the occasion of the Univision network‘s Premios Juventud. Until that moment their interactions had only been virtual, and when they were invited to this award ceremony, they did not hesitate to attend to show their enormous talent on stage. So that night they sang for the first time together the song that they both composed, in one of the most talked about moments of the night. “Two years later and here we go! ‘Ya tamo’s ready! Right?”, the singer wrote in one of the photos she shared among her followers and in which she posed with Yatra.

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