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Sister shenanigans

Khloe Kardashian steals Kim Kardashian’s car for photoshoot and we’re LOLing

The selfie queen called out her sister for using her ride

How is Kim supposed to keep up with the Karadashians if she doesn’t have a car?  Kim Kardashian trolled her sister  Khloé’s Instagram post on Friday, October 16 with a hilarious quip. The 36-year-old Good American boss shared a series of stylish snaps, flaunting her clothing brand’s chic sweats. Her modeling partner was a sleek silver Land Rover. Khloé worked the car, even climbing on top and posing over the sunroof.

There was only one problem - it apparently wasn’t her car!

A splash of sass rose to the surface of Khloé’s complimentary comments section. “Oh you stole my car! Cool 😎,” her famous sister Kim wrote. Her makeup artist Ash K Holm added: “Stealing cars for photoshoots!!!!” I mean most sister’s steal each other’s clothes, but it makes sense the Kardashians version of that would be expensive whips (and we’re certain designer fashion, too).

According to Good American, Khloé rocked “casual style meets cloud-like softness” in the snaps. “Our coziest collection is finally back,” they wrote on Instagram, “grab your favorites while you still can!” The reality star dons “The Cropped & Cool Sweatshirt + Boyfriend Sweatpants” in these car chic pictures.

Another aspect of the photos we want to point out is Khloé’s change in hair color. The mom-of-one, who debuted a delicious darker hue back in August, sported lighter locks and extensions in the recent photos. It’s not that surprising, considering she reminisced about being a blondie just the other day: “I found these old photos in my phone and they made me miss my blonde hair 😩 should I stick with brown or go back to blonde??” she asked on October 9. You do you, KoKo! It looks gorgeous either way.