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Jennifer Aniston welcomes new family member: ‘He stole my heart immediately’

The Hollywood BFF treated fans to a glimpse at her new love

Congratulations, Jennifer Aniston! The 51-year-old star debuted the latest addition to her furry family on Sunday, October 11. “Hi! I’d like to introduce to you the newest member of our 🐾 family,” she wrote in the caption of an Instagram video post. The clip captured her utterly adorable new puppy sleeping. As for the name? She revealed: “this is (a very tired) Lord Chesterfield.”

“He stole my heart immediately,” Jen elaborated. “A HUGE thank you to @wagmorpets for the incredible work you do. Grateful you take such great care of these rescues and find them their forever homes.”

“Chesterfield, have you fallen asleep with your bone in your mouth?” the Friends icon can be heard whispering in the clip. When she’s met with silence, she answers her own question: “I think you have.”

Historically speaking, Lord Chesterfield was a British statesman, remembered for coining the phrase: “Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.” We’re not sure if the pup came with that name or Jen picked it herself, but it’s certainly the fanciest moniker out of her current pets. The longtime animal lover currently has two dogs: a Schnauzer mix named Clyde and a white pit bull called Sophie.

The comments section went gaga over Lord Chesterfield, with fans not only basking in the cuteness, but praising Jennifer for choosing to adopt. “So cute. Thank you for promoting adoption!!” one wrote. Jen’s celebrity friends also chimed in. “Heart. Melt,” Poppy Delevingne commented, speaking for us all. “What a sweetie,” Bridget Everett added. It’s clear everyone has fallen in puppy love with Lord Chesterfield!

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