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Like mother, like daughter

Nicole Kidman’s daughter gives her ‘fantastic’ acting tips in adorable video

The A-lister’s beloved directed her in a new clip

 Nicole Kidman leapt into the weekend with a little help from her talented daughter. The 53-year-old Oscar-winner shared clip of herself bouncing on a trampoline on Friday, October 9 and the cameraperson was none-other-than her 12-year-old Sunday. Donning sleek all-black leisurewear, Nicole leapt high before a scenic smattering of greenery. Photographer Sunday gave her mom tips as she snapped the camera, proving that creativity runs in the famous family.

“Taken right after Sunday gave me the fantastic director’s notes to ‘Jump higher mum’ and ‘look less scared,’” Nicole wrote in the caption. Despite “direct” being in the word “director” it can be hard to secure a talent that knows exactly how to communicate their vision. Clearly Sunday has the knack for it.

Nicole and Keith Urban have been open about their daughter’s passion for filmmaking. “We even had this guy come over and teach them some editing, basic editing classes,” said during a recent American Country Countdown radio segment. “So she can put things together and cut the scene there and add it there and put some music under it. She’s having a blast.”

“I think she loves telling stories, and that’s really what her mama does,” the 52-year-old singer added. “I mean, that’s what Nic does, she tells stories. That’s what I do. I would love for her - we’d both love for her to be a director. I mean, some more female directors wouldn’t go astray.”

Nicole and Keith also share a nine-year-old daughter Faith. The Undoing star has two older children with Tom Cruise:  Isabella and Connor.

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