María Celeste Arrarás y su hijo Adrián Vadim van rumbo al estrellato

Learning Together: An honest and fun talk between mother and son

María Celeste Arrarás and her son Adrián Vadim are heading to stardom

Mother and son are heading to stardom in this new journey!

They say that when one door closes, another opens ... and María CelesteArrarás decreed this in her life. After concluding an 18-year chapter with Telemundo, great things were coming for the journalist and everything from the hand of her son Adrián. The young man, who has a spectacular voice and a great talent for music, has launched himself professionally in this highly competitive industry and his mother has become his right hand: his manager.

In an exclusive interview with HOLA! USA, María Celeste and Adrian Vadim share a family and professional dialogue in this learning process for both of them, in which sincere questions are asked full of love, trust and mutual support. In the same way, the Puerto Rican explained how her transition from journalist to manager has been, a stretch that she experiences as she goes, as it was an unknown territory for her.

Despite the great challenge that this may represent, she assures that she has all the willingness to learn and take her son‘s career to the top, which, by the way, this September 25th is the world premiere of his first single Space.

Like any mother, María Celeste wants the best for her children, so from a very young age she has paid special attention to the communication she has with them, and recognized in this conversation that she is a demanding mother, which has resulted in the development of three magnificent boys. In the specific case of Adrián, who is entering the world of entertainment, the ‘momager’ (mother and representative) ensures that his level of demand will be at the maximum, all with the purpose that his son can get ahead and forge his own path.

Although it will not be easy, María Celeste knows that, with effort and discipline, Adrián will be able to make his dreams come true and make her feel very proud and perhaps one day see him on the stage of an award ceremony as important as the Latin GRAMMY.

“You once told me that to succeed in life you have to be open-minded. You told me, “The world is not black and white, it is a wide range of grays” and I did not forget that because as you know I am quite stubborn and sometimes I get stuck,” said Adrian.
María Celeste: How do you feel about starting this new musical adventure?
María Celeste: Do you remember when was the moment you realized that you wanted to dedicate yourself to music?
María Celeste: Do you remember what my response was when you told me you wanted to sing?

María Celeste: Who are your musical heroes, what singers do you admire and why?
María Celeste: How do you feel knowing that I have become your manager? How would you rate me?
María Celeste: What do you expect from your musical career, how do you see yourself a year from now?
María Celeste: Who would you like to do a musical duet with?

María Celeste: What is the good and bad side of having me as your manager?
María Celeste: What have you learned most from me that you think will help you with this stage of your life, to achieve your dream?
María Celeste: Are you prepared for what awaits you if you become famous?
María Celeste: What would you do with your first salary as a result of your effort and work in music, how would you spend it?

“Son, in life one has to always see things in a positive way and put them in perspective. If I had to do my daily program today, I would not be able to immerse myself in this project that is so important to you. This is your moment.”
María Celeste: Tell people a little about the creation and production process of this project?
María Celeste: How do you inspire yourself to write your songs?
María Celeste: Would you write me a song?
María Celeste: What advice would you take from all the ones I have given you?

The first song we are releasing is about the moment when someone in a relationship asks you for space, it is called “Space”.

Adrián: I love having you fully dedicated to my singing career, but do you miss doing your television show every day?
Adrián: The first song we are releasing is about the moment when someone in a relationship asks you for space, it is called “Space”. Have you ever been asked for “Space” in a relationship?
Adrián: How would you define this change from being on TV to becoming my manager?
Adrián: What was your first reaction when I told you that I wanted to dedicate myself to music?

Adrián: What worries you most about me in the music business?
Adrián: Give me some advice to make a girl fall in love with me.
Adrián: Do you remember when someone dedicated a song to you for the first time or gave you your first kiss?
Adrián: What do you expect from me and my brothers?

Adrián: What have you learned from this new process that you may not have known about?
Adrián: How would you describe this stage of ours?
Adrián: When the pandemic passes, you are ready to live the crazy and fast rhythm life of the singers (trips, tours, etc.)?
Adrián: Did you ever think that life would put you in this situation, with me?

Adrián: How would you describe my music and my performance as a singer?
HOLA! USA : What has been your biggest challenge in the change from journalist to manager?
HOLA! USA: What are Adrián‘s strengths to face this new stage as a singer?

HOLA! USA: In what way have your other children, Julián and Lara, supported their brother Adrián at this stage?
HOLA! USA: Have they already called you a mother-in-law around there?

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Hairstyle: María Hernández

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