Drew Barrymore helps rescue dog in Manhattan

Drew Barrymore helps rescue a dog that was struck by a car in Manhattan

 Drew Barrymore  came to the rescue following a hit and run in New York City.

The actress is already known for her sweet and bubbly personality, but now, Drew Barrymore is stealing even more hearts after coming to the rescue of a poor pup involved in a car accident in Manhattan.

The 45-year-old star was seen helping out a dog owner on the Upper East Side after their dog was knocked by a car and seen suffering an injury. Barrymore was spotted coming to their aid with a friend as they helped to organize for the dog to get the medical attention it needed following the incident.

Drew Barrymore helps rescue dog in Manhattan©Splash News

Drew looked concerned as she made sure to shower the pooch with loads of affection, petting the dog on the head as she waited alongside the injured dog and its owner on the street. Drew’s friend is reportedly the one who drove the dog and its owner to get help.

Obviously, the actress wasn’t expecting to get photographed before this unlikely encounter, looking cute and casual with an oversized grey cardigan, some furry-lined slippers, baby blue sweatpants, and a face shield to keep everyone safe.

Anyone who is a fan of Barrymore will not be surprised by this encounter and the fact that the actress made sure a fellow dog owner was okay after such an unfortunate accident. Drew is a self-declared dog lover and has a history of rescuing pups in need, having saved and fostered nine dogs throughout her life.

In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight back in 2016, the Fever Pitch star credited dogs for helping her through difficult times in her life, declaring that “life is definitely better” with a four-legged pal by your side.

“I’ve been a sure dog lover my whole life, life is better with dogs,” she said at the time. “Life is definitely better with rescue dogs. There’s a reason people cling to their pets.”

“Animals have given me a rite of passage, a humility and a purpose and a kindness and a lack of cruelty,” she explained. “I don’t have it in my heart to be rude, mean, cruel, unkind to any person on the planet.”

Drew Barrymore helps rescue dog in Manhattan©Splash News

Going even further into her love of dogs, Drew even credits one of her former pets, Flossie, for saving her life.

In 2001, Drew’s Beverly Hills home set on fire and she and her fiancé at the time, Tom Green, were woken up by Flossie barking and banging on the door, which is what alerted the couple of the emergency. Luckily, she, Tom, Flossie and Drew’s other two dogs all managed to escape the house unharmed.

Now, Drew Barrymore is a mommy to two dogs--who she just celebrated on national dog day--Douglas and Lucy.