This Hispanic Heritage month, you will be able to enjoy a unique digital music experience with Farruko and Mau & Ricky during the En Vivo Live! concert.

En Vivo Live!

Farruko and Mau & Ricky discuss upcoming intimate and exclusive live performances

This Hispanic Heritage month, you will be able to enjoy a unique digital music experience with some of your favorite Latin artists.

This pandemic has shaken the Latinx community in many ways, and although we are facing unprecedented challenges, we are also known for being resilient and stay optimistic. During Hispanic Heritage Month, McDonald’s and Sony Music wants to uplift and fuel us all with pride by presenting En Vivo Live!, a unique digital music experience to connect fans with some of their favorite Latin artists.

The Livestream series consists of intimate and exclusive performances via the artists’ Facebook channels. The first concert will feature Puerto Rican Reggaeton singer and songwriter, Farruko, on September 27 at 7 p.m. ET, followed by Venezuelan Latin pop and Reggaeton duo Mau & Ricky on October 1 at 7 p.m. ET. The superstars are ready, and they exclusively shared with HOLA! USA, what fans can expect from their performances.

“I am happy with the opportunity. Thanks to McDonald’s and Sony [Music] for this partnership and initiative.” Farruko said. “What I want is to bring joy to the audience and that they can enjoy several of the songs of my repertoire.” The singer also said that this is an excellent opportunity to refresh the public’s memory who have been quarantined for so many months and yearn to be able to experience the adrenaline and excitement that one feels at a concert. “I want to share with the fans and be able to sing to them the new songs that I have also released during the quarantine.”

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“What we try to transmit during our concert are the same energy that we have when they see us in person but this time through social media and the camera,” said Mau & Ricky to HOLA! USA. “Being able to connect with the people who are on the other side is the most important thing for us, especially celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month.” The brothers also thanked McDonald‘s for the opportunity and revealed that they would be singing eight songs and that this would be the first time they sing live after the quarantine started.

“We are very excited because the entire crew and production has been so helpful and cool,” Mau & Ricky added. “The production is remarkably well done, and we know people are going to like it very much.”

According to Farruko, during his En Vivo Live! he will sing between eight and ten of his hits, and this time there will be no guest artists. “I will sing my hit ‘Calma’ - which has been an essential song in my career - as well as ‘Fantasías’ and ‘Delicuente,’” he said.

The Reggaeton star also added that he would honor Hispanic Heritage Month. “I will definitely make room during my virtual concert to represent Latinos. We are many, and we are around the world, and we are dominant,” said Farruko. ”I am proud to represent who I am, and I will be talking about that.”

Mau & Ricky will also continue the celebration during their session. “This is a beautiful month,” said Mau. ‘We can celebrate with our family and a lot of music. We are celebrating with new music and playing songs that represent us as Latinos living in the United States.”

Farruko and Mau & Ricky, in addition to offering virtual concerts to avoid the spread of the coronavirus among their fans, are also taking the necessary security measures to stay healthy. “I’m following all the sanitation measures,” Farruko revealed. “I am always wearing my mask, hand sanitizer, doing social distancing, and respecting all instructions.”

“We are also following everything that the professionals are recommending,” said Ricky. “We are constantly washing our hands, avoiding touching our faces, and always wearing face coverings.”

Farruko took the opportunity to use our platform to send a message to his fans and invite them not to miss his concert on September 27 at 7 p.m. ET. “I invite you all to connect to enjoy this show. I want you to have a good time and invite your relatives over to the house and have dinner together while you enjoy the concert,” he joked.

While Mau & Ricky also asked everyone to add the date of their concert — October 1 at 7 p.m. ET — to the calendar and send a message. “This quarantine has changed our lives, but it is very important to learn the lessons from all this. We realized that there is nothing more important than our identity,” said the brothers. “Don’t worry about what the person next door is, or what your colleagues are doing, if you are sure of who you are, what others do does not matter. That is why we are so grateful to our McDonald’s family because they allow us to be each other. This concert is a representation of who we are as artists. You will see a show that represents us musically, and we hope you like it very much. Remember that we love you. We are more united than ever to you, and we hope to see you very soon in person to be able to give us a hug, an elbow, or a hand.”

Following all the performances, McDonald’s will allow fans to win a chance to connect live with each of the artists via a virtual meet ’n greet. “Ricky and I always try trying to talk face-to-face with all of our people,” Mau said. “So what we will be doing is connecting with some of our followers to be able to go a little deeper. Know how they are and that they know how we are and give them scoops and talk about the music we are about to release.” Mau confessed to HOLA! USA that Ricky “loves telling surprises ahead of time,” so fans can expect some surprises while talking to him.

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