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You Matter!

Camila Cabello pens a heartwarming message to readers, ‘we need you’

“Every single of one of us is needed in this world. You reading this.. we need you”, Cabello said

 Camila Cabello penned a heartwarming message on Instagram to anyone reading to let them know they matter. She uploaded a short video selfie-style spinning around, smiling and sticking her tongue out. Cabello wrote in the caption, “Every single of one of us is needed in this world. You reading this.. we need you. We need your unique light, your imperfect but authentic way of shining, your story, your struggles, your insecurities, your mountains that you climbed, the ones you’re climbing, and the ones you think you’re not ready to climb, your messiness, your best shot, your rawness, your YOUNESS. We don’t need you when you’re perfect, we need you NOW. As you are. It is a miracle to be born at this moment in time, to be on this strange, miraculous planet with all the questions that we just can’t answer about why we are here - you, as you are, have something to contribute to this planet, so that maybe it (or your household, your neighborhood, or your classroom) can be just a little bit better because you are here. Don’t play small. It doesn’t serve you, and you can probably feel that. But also... it doesn’t serve.. anybody. Don’t deprive this world of your story, of your YOU-NESS. Give us your gifts, give us your light, take up space, take your power back. The world needs you to be YOU.”

Cabello has been open about her struggles with mental health in the past. She wrote in the Wall Street Journal magazine for Mental Health Month about her anxiety and OCD. “My anxiety manifested in the form of obsessive compulsive disorder,” she wrote. “OCD can take many different forms, and for me it was obsessive thoughts and compulsive.” Cabello continued, “I was embarrassed and ashamed... That same little voice also told me maybe I was being ungrateful for all the good in my life – and that hiding the open wound I’d been avoiding the last few years was the easiest and fastest solution.” Cabello sought help to deal with her anxiety and said her OCD has faded for the most part while her anxiety comes and goes.

Cabello raised awareness for National Suicide Prevention Week earlier this month. On September 12th she posted a meme that said “YOU ARE NOT ALONE” and captioned the photo, “every 40 seconds a family loses someone to suicide. This heartbreaking fact reminds us today, during National Suicide Prevention Week, that we don’t know what someone else is going through. I’ve been open about my challenges with mental health, OCD, and anxiety. And the bravest thing I ever did was ask for help when I was suffering. Being human is hard. We were never meant to do it alone. Check on your friends today and ask them how their hearts are. If you’re struggling with your mental health and are reading this now, please take it as a sign to ask for help. You are needed in this world. There are people that want to see you healed and feeling better and can help you through it. You are not alone.” She also shared resources on how we can better support ourselves and each other. Along with the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273 TALK).

The Cuban-American singer has been using her platform recently to encourage people to vote and educate fans on upcoming elections in their states. She also mourned the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and uploaded a photo of the Supreme Court Judge captioned, “’May her memory be a revolution.’ we will honor this incredible trailblazer’s life by continuing the fight to make this country a better and safer place for all. WE are the answer to a better world. Each and every single one of us can make a difference next November. Please take some time right now to see if you are registered to vote and plan how you are going to vote in these elections. WE decide this country’s future. USE your voice. USE your power. USE your VOTE.”