Watch Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson rip his front gate off the wall with his bare hands

If he is ever running late to work, he’ll do everything in his power to make sure he gets there as quickly as possible

If  Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is ever running late to work, he’ll do everything in his power to make sure he gets there as quickly as possible.

Following months of production halts due to the coronavirus pandemic, the actor just began filming for his new DC Comics film, Black Adam. In honor of his role as the star in a super hero flick, Johnson decided to showcase just how prepared he is for the project by showcasing an incredible feat of strength in order to make it to set on time.

The actor posted a photo to Instagram on Friday that shows the entryway to his house--but instead of the black iron gate being upright, the security feature has been completely pried off of a brick wall, laying down on the grass.

“Not my finest hour, but a man’s gotta go to work,” Johnson started in his caption.

He went on to explain how his family was experiencing a power outage because of storms in the area, which meant that his automated front gate wasn’t opening as it should be.

“We experienced a power outage due to severe storms, causing my front gate not to open,” he continued. “I tried to override the hydraulic system to open the gates, which usually works when power goes out - but this time it wouldn’t. Made some calls to see how fast I can get the gate tech on site, but I didn’t have 45min to wait. By this time, I know I have hundreds of production crew members waiting for me to come to work so we can start our day.”

After explaining his problem, The Rock continued his caption by explaining how he mustered the strength to make it to work and exactly what he had to do in order to get there...which was pull the gate off the wall completely.

“So I did what I had to do,” he wrote. “I pushed, pulled and ripped the gate completely off myself. Tore it out of the brick wall, severed the steel hydraulics and threw it on the grass. My security team was able to meet the gate technician and welders about an hour later — and they were apparently, ‘in disbelief and equally scared.’ Not my finest hour, but I had to go to work. And I think I’m ready to be #blackadam.”

Fans in The Rock’s comments section were just as stunned as his security team was to see that this man tore a gate out of the wall with his bare hands--but if anyone can do it, it’s Dwayne Johnson.

It seems like this incredible feat of strength on his way to work was the perfect way to get into character.

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