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Steve Martin Has A Hilarious Face Mask ‘Hack’ For Fellow Celebrities

You have to respect his ingenuity

Steve Martin has a surefire way to guarantee him and his fellow celebrity friends can still get their recognition in the COVID-19 era.

The comedian went viral over the weekend for his hilarious solution for masked celebrities who still want to be recognized by fans when they go out into the real world. The actor posted a photo of him wearing a mask and some sunglasses along with a DIY sign sitting atop his head that reads, “Steve Martin” with an arrow pointing down at him.

“I always wear a mask when I go outside,” Martin tweeted on Saturday. “But something about it was leaving me anxious and unsettled. I thought about the problem, addressed it, and here is the solution.”


Not only did fans find this idea hilarious--and brilliant--but a lot of other celebrities seem to agree that this DIY hack is necessary for all of their masked outings.

Ice T responded to Martin’s post by retweeting it and adding, “Ok @SteveMartinToGo has a solution for those of you who feel wearing a mask is losing a bit of yourself...”  


Kevin Bacon agreed as well, simply writing, “I’m with [upwards arrow]”


Jimmy Kimmel recalled a famous bit from Martin’s old stand-up routine, tweeting, “the old “arrow-through-the-head” know-how is finally paying dividends!”


Martin is sending a clear message here: there’s no excuse to not wear a mask, even if your ego makes your ability to be recognized by fans more important than your own personal safety.

This makes the comedian the latest celebrity to advocate for face masks during the coronavirus pandemic, which includes Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (both of whom battled COVID-19 back in March), Chrissy Teigen, Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Aniston and more.

As for Steve Martin, something exciting could be in the works for both him and his fans. Father of the Bride director Nancy Meyers fueled rumors of a reunion this week when she posted a photo of Martin from the film, writing, “If he thought a wedding was a lot, how would he react to 2020? Coming soon to the phone in your hand!” she wrote on Instagram.

She tagged Netflix in the photo, which could mean that the classic 1991 film is coming to the streaming platform--but fans are hoping for something new from the OG cast.

Steve hasn’t commented on the possibility of a Father of the Bride remake or reunion, but something about his face mask hack and wanting to be recognized has us thinking he would be into revisiting an old project that fans really love.

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