Marc Anthony at Capital One Arena in Washington, D.C.

Heads up!

Marc Anthony is getting ready to release new music

The singer is in the middle of a nature-filled renaissance, but he is getting ready to release new music

 Marc Anthony  is in the middle of a nature-filled renaissance and we love it! If you take a look at Anthony’s Instagram feed pre-Coronavirus, it is full of concerts, billboards, dance routines, and private jets. Now, during lockdown, Anthony’s feed is full of the great outdoors and farms animals, until today! The Puerto Rican singer is prepping us for something good. “Mi Gente! Heads up! New music coming out soon! Two music videos shot in one week. Esto sigue...God bless!”, Anthony said on Instagram.

In the meantime, Anthony continues his adventures with his new deer pet. Yes, a deer. “Night walks with my deerest #Bamboo”, the singer commented. This is not the first time he’s flaunted his odd furry friend on social media. He semi-recently shared a video of him kissing the animal, elaborating on their relationship in a text overlay. “My DEERist roommate,” he wrote. “It was in such danger when I found him and could not help but rescue. Now it won’t leave my side…”

Many were touched my Marc’s rescuing of Bamboo and fawned over their adorable bond in the comments section.

He also took the opportunity to share his gratitude towards live showing key moments in his live with people like Shakira. “#WhatALife #living #thankyou.”

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 #WhatALife #living #thankyou


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