8 Non-mainstream female singers you might want to have in your playlist
Music treasures!

8 Non-mainstream female singers you might want to have in your playlist

There’s nothing wrong with refreshing your track listing

Music is one of the greatest gifts of life, but nowadays, it feels like we are listening to the same artists all the time. It is hard to keep up with so many musicians, and the constant release of songs, remakes, and featuring well-known superstars makes it even harder to find new artists to add to our playlist.

There’s nothing wrong with refreshing your track listing. Adding new rhythms and genres can not only help you to enjoy other music styles but also allows the non-mainstream artist to keep their art alive.

Rap, pop, and reggaetón music feature as the preferred genre among the youth; however, just because you release music within these categories does not mean that you will automatically become a phenomenon. There are also other singers outside popular genres that can take your mind and heart to another place with their memorable melodies and haunting voice.

Unfortunately, there are not enough hours in a day for so many hidden treasures, but you can still find some space in your day to enjoy these eight non-mainstream female singers that once you add in your playlist, you might wonder why it took you so long to find.


Formerly known as Janine and the Mixtape, this New Zealand singer has one of the most beautiful and sultry voices ever. Her songs “Hold Me” and ”You Deserve It” should be on everyone’s Spotify or Tidal playlists.

Qveen Herby

Do you remember the pop duo Karmin? In 2017 Amy Renee Noonan and Nick Noonan put their project in a pause to focus on Qveen Herby, Amy Noonan‘s new alter ego. Her new persona has an R&B and hip-hop/rap sound paired with a sexier image.


Sonera, María Laboy, and multi-instrumentalist Andres Rigau bring “Despojo” music through Musaraña‘s “Munchie Sexual” song. Their tracks, a mixture of their Caribbean and African genres, are the best background music for smudging and burning Palo Santo.

Corina Smith

Venezuelan singer and actress Corina Smith debuted in 2015 after participating in the television series, Somos tú y yo: Un nuevo día. Her single “Este año” is one of her most relatable songs.

Paloma Mami

Chilean-American singer Paloma Mami started her career in 2018, releasing “Not Steady” and ”No Te Enamores.” Her swag and reggaetón, R&B, and Trap genres will make you listen more and more of this rising star.

Andra Day

American singer, songwriter, and actress Andra Day peaked at number 48 on the US Billboard 200 chart in 2015, and her song “Rise Up” was nominated to a Grammy Award in 2016. Today, her single remains contemporary and relevant.

Sabrina Claudio

This half Cuban and half Puerto Rican descent should be considered one of the sexiest voices in the music industry. Her singles “All to You” and ”Don‘t Let Me Down” featuring Khalid are among her best songs yet.

Luz Pinos

Luz Pinos‘ fantastic voice is a breath of fresh air. Through her music, the Ecuadorian singer-songwriter makes you feel and connect with your mind, soul, and spirit.

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