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Tyra Banks has been getting shade as the new ‘Dancing With The Stars’ host

Ex-Host Tom Bergeron has been throwing shade at the series online

After the recent announcement that Dancing With The Stars new host is Tyra Banks, ex-host Tom Bergeron has been throwing shade at the series online. On Wednesday the upcoming 29th season’s host and cast were revealed on social media. Rapper Nelly, ‘Selling Sunset’ star Chrishell Strause, ‘Tiger Kings’ Carol Baskin, ‘Catfish’ host Nev Schulmam, former NFL player Vernon Davis and ice skater Johnny Weir will be joining the cast. Banks was not only announced as the show’s new host, but she is there to stay as an executive producer. Bergeron confirmed that he and co-host Erin Andrew were fired from the show after “an incredible 15-year run” in July.

It’s been a few months but Bergeron is still feeling salty. Last week he updated his Twitter bio to say “Former Co-Host of “Footwork With the Famous.”

And this week Bergeron mocked the show‘s promo that featured Banks with disco ball lips and uploaded a photo on Twitter holding a disco ball captioned, “This Just In: National Association of Lip Safety cautions against applying multiple small mirrors on the mouth. One bad chew and it’s 7 years of bad luck.” It might be all fun and games but several die-hard Bergeron fans tweeted that they would stop watching the show and that Banks needed to “sit down.”

After learning that Banks would be coming on board as their replacement, Andrew’s spoke to EXTRA and called the firing a “surprise.” She said she found out after getting a phone call and thought “this isn’t good.” As for Bergeron, Andrew said they talk all the time, “I text Tom, like once a week… and the dancers as well. That’s a family… I danced on the show and then worked on the show for so many years, I always call it a ‘Dancing with the Stars Mafia’ — once you’re in, it’s really hard to break away. That’s a tight-knit group” she said. She also praised him for building the show from the ground up and called his departure the “end all be all.”

She explained, “I used to say this all the time, Tom was my ballroom quarterback, I mean he was that shows ballroom quarterback. I mean he got that puppy up and off the floor and did a spin and layout. You know he was the end all be all of that show.” Andrew’s said she felt she brought awkwardness to the show by not being able to walk in the heels and gowns. As for Banks, Andrew said, “She can nail the smizing and the walking in gowns and heels, so good for her.” Banks has an impressive hosting resume- from America‘s Next Top Model, Americas Got Talent, and The Tyra Banks Show, DWTS should be in good hands.