Ukranian pop star, NK new song "A Huevo

Your favorite Ukrainian pop star, NK has just released her newest video, “A huevo” - watch it exclusively here

The song is from NK’s first Spanish-language album ‘Ecléctica’

The wait is finally over! Ukrainian pop star, Anastasiya Kamenskykh, also known as NK, just released her newest video “A huevo” from her first Spanish-language album “Ecléctica.” Luckily for us, while we’re waiting for the long-awaited album to drop on September 18, we got an exclusive look at the single’s video.

NK is an accomplished singer with top hits on the Billboard charts, she’s received over 100 million views on her hit song, “Elefante,” on YouTube and we’re sure NK is going to break even more records with her first Spanish-language album. Fans are in for a treat with “Ecléctica.” It’s made up of seven tracks with a variety of sounds influenced by the pop star’s Mexican and Ukrainian background that is guaranteed to get you in the party mood and feel lots of love.

“As a real cosmopolitan girl, I enjoy the incredible symbiosis of such colorful cultures - Ukrainian and Mexican - whose bright mood is present in every track of my new album. Courage, passion, and fiery drive have merged. Music has no boundaries, as well as my love for new things in my work. It doesn’t matter where you were born, where you grew up - the language of music brings together even the most remote places of the planet.”

Watch NK’s latest video ‘A Huevo’. Enjoy!

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As a real cosmopolitan girl, I enjoy the incredible symbiosis of such colorful cultures - Ukrainian and Mexican.©NK

Want more? NK shared some insight into “A huevo” and her new album with HOLA! This is part of the Q&A that we had with her.

HOLA!: Where does the title “A huevo” come from?
: Every time I visit Mexico and Latin America I have an exceptional experience, vibrant mood, drive, and unforgettable feelings. All these emotions can be expressed with this hot word “A huevo”. I used to hear it from people every single day in Mexico. I guess that was the inspiration for creating this song. There are lots of authentic elements, especially sombreros in my video. I feel like I‘m realizing my childhood dream inspired by that Mexican sombrero. I also remember singing the famous Mexican song “Cucurucucu” with my parents and their choir. So I name my video “A huevo” as the symbol of the realization of childhood promise to little me to perform Latin music.

HOLA!: How would you describe the sound of this new album?
It’s eclectic music in which different sounds and languages are combined. Everything that I absorbed while living, working, or traveling in different countries to the very detail I now reflect in my music. Latin music has been in my blood since childhood, and that sombrero from Mexico really influenced my life vision, music preferences, love for this culture. Every time I looked at it I dreamed of singing and performing Latin music and now I combine it in my music style of fused cultures. For example, in the video for “A Huevo” single, I combined Mexican rhythms and slang words with Ukrainian motives.

Everyone would agree with me that pop music itself is a trend. The songwriting process can be long, and the transience of trends is so great that adjusting to trends, you can easily miss the moment and the music or video theme will lose relevance. I believe in the approach of creating material that becomes a new trend on its own.

Such colorful cultures - Ukrainian and Mexican - whose bright moods are present in every track of my new “Eclectica” album, bringing courage, passion, and a fiery drive to the audience. My music, for sure, will make you dance, feel lots of love, and get you in a vibrant mood! The songs contain phrases in Ukrainian, which has already become a unique feature of my tracks, and the video is full of authentic elements of these two cultures. Besides I love to fulfill my intention to popularize Latin music and culture in Eastern Europe.

The long-awaited first Spanish-language album ‘Ecléctica’©NK

HOLA!: Your music has such a unique sound! Where did the inspiration for your music come from?
I am passionate about learning languages and discovering new things about different cultures. As a result, I love to sing in different languages, and I also like to mix the rhythms and musical styles of different countries. Tracks acquire a special mood and a certain feeling. As a true cosmopolitan woman, I enjoy this symbiosis. I believe that music has no boundaries, as well as my love for new things in my work. It doesn‘t matter where you were born, where you grew up, what language you speak because the language of music unites even the most remote corners of the planet.

As a child, I developed an interest in Latin American culture. My parents worked in a famous Ukrainian choir, which has toured all over the world, and for a while, they were lucky enough to live in Mexico. I remember once after a tour my dad brought me a present. It was a huge bright sombrero. We hung it on the wall, and every time I looked at it, I imagined that I would sing Latin songs in Spanish. Since then, this culture has become close to me in spirit and temperament. I could listen to Spanish songs for hours and try to repeat the words. I confess, I do feel like a cosmopolitan person because I was born in Kyiv, Ukraine grew up in Naples, Italy, toured all over the world, getting to know different traditions and meeting people from all the places I traveled.

One day I realized that one of my childhood dreams is to record a song in Spanish. I understood that in order to do this, I needed to learn the language, and moreover to plunge deeper into the history of Spanish speaking countries. And I did it. I‘m still feeling butterflies in my stomach when remembering the first interview I gave in Spanish after just four months of intensive learning of this beautiful language. It was the interview about my track “Peligroso” on the morning show ¡Despierta América! in Miami. Just follow your dreams, apply appropriate efforts and they will come true!

HOLA!: Who are some of your musical inspirations?
I am inspired by the music of many artists. I really like the music, style, and vibe of Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Maluma, Daddy Yankee, J Balvin, and other singers. I believe the most important are emotions conveyed in songs, videos, and music of an artist. You know, it‘s so great to meet an amazing artist from videos or YouTube, and discover that he or she is as equally open, driving, and bright in real life! When I met some of the artists at the Latin Grammy Awards, for example, it was so nice to see that they were all as open and sincere as in their music videos or on TV. For example, I adore Maluma, and when I met him in Kyiv while opening his concert, it was incredibly nice to know that in real life he is just as pleasant, intelligent, smart and hot :)

HOLA!: What are you looking forward to accomplishing in the Latin American market with your music?
I want to transmit happiness and emotions of love with my music and to show that the world has no boundaries, music has no boundaries, our consciousness and dreams have no boundaries. No matter where you are from, Ukraine, or another country, you can tell your story and bring your message to the whole world. No matter what skin color you are, what nationality or orientation. No matter who you are - the main thing is to be real, to open your heart and soul, and share with the world truth and love. My dream is to inspire people around the world to do this, and now I am trying to make this dream come true. I want to say you, dear “Hola!” and all your team a special “thanks” for your support in this, and for telling my story on your pages. This is so important for me! I am eager to acquaint the world with the beautiful and rich culture of Ukraine, and likewise to familiarize my country with Latin American culture.

HOLA!: What‘s next for NK in 2020?
NK: Firstly I introduce my new hit “A huevo”, next the album “Ecléctica” on September 18. And I am really looking forward to these premieres! Don‘t forget to check it out! My first album, “Ecléctica,” was recorded in Kiev. I worked on it together with my genius husband and soulmate, Alex Potapenko, a popular rap singer, songwriter and hitmaker, and with the team of my company Nice2cu.

And for today I am already working on my next Spanish album. I was lucky enough to record it at studios in Miami and Los Angeles before the lockdown. I worked on it with the Grammy nominees songwriters, so while I‘m releasing the “Ecléctica” album, I’m already preparing the next one music bomb.

But most important for everyone in the world in 2020 is that the unstable situation will end as soon as possible, and finally, everyone will be in good health and in a great mood, everything will stabilize and become fine just as before.

NK Bonus Content!

Take a sneak peek of the new song in this exclusive behind the scenes footage that NK has shared (only) with us!

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