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Chloe Sevigny credits co-star Jack Dylan Grazer for changing her mind about having a son

The actress and fashion designer welcomed her first child Vanja earlier this year.

Chloë Sevigny praises her co-star Jack Dylan Grazer for making her change her mind after she confessed she was initially desperate to have a baby girl. The Hollywood actress worked with the 16-year-old actor, who is best known for appearing in the horror movie series ‘IT,’ in the HBO drama ‘We Are Who We Are.’ And she described that after getting to know Jack she kept thinking, “what if I have a kid like this kid Jack?”

The 45-year-old actress, model and fashion designer, welcomed her first child Vanja earlier this year with her boyfriend Sinisa Mackovic, and confessed she felt disappointed when she found out that she was having a baby boy, because she’s always been an advocate for female empowerment, speaking before about Hollywood diversity and feminism, and also starring in ‘Lizzie,’ a feminist masterpiece alongside Kirsten Stewart.

Sevigny describes herself as a very “girl-power, girl-friendly, girl-centric” kind of woman, and after working on Luca Guadagnino’s upcoming series with Jack she had a realization, explaining that; “First of all, he’s brilliant, so that would be great; but secondly, he has so much energy.” which made her reflect on her initial thoughts on having a baby girl.

The actress revealed she misses ‘the high’ she got from the first weeks of being a new mum, “It’s just a hormonal surge. You feel like you’re on Ecstasy for the first three weeks because there’s this big push because you’re so exhausted,“ adding that, “Your body exudes this crazy oxytocin love hormone where you just feel like you’re high.”

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