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Cardi B reacts to TikTok user epic mashup of ‘WAP’ and Taylor Swift’s ‘You Belong With Me’

Dancing from the top and making it drop, the TikTok user showed not only her excellent mashup skills but also her moves.

In the music world, there is some musical featuring that we never saw coming. Like Banda MS Ft. Snoop Dogg or Karol G featuring Jonas Brothers, Lil Nas Ft. Billy Ray Cyrus, or Taylor Swift featuring Cardi B -- okay fine! That last one didn’t happen (yet!), but a tiktoker gave us a glimpse of how a “WAP” remix might sound with these two female powerhouses.

Everything started when Niamh Adkins came with the brilliant idea of superimposing Cardi B’s chorus on Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” melody. The super random video starts with Adkins dressed as Swift and lip-synching to the 2009 country-pop hit when all of a sudden, the cute parody becomes a whole mood. Dancing from the top and making it drop, the TikTok user showed not only her excellent mashup skills but also her moves.

The epic video received thousands of comments, likes, and shares on different social media platforms, including Cardi B herself, who apparently couldn’t believe her eyes. “I ain’t saw that coming,” wrote the Dominican descent resharing the video on Twitter.

Adkins uploaded the parody on her TikTok account, but according to her, the app took it down for unknown reasons. “TikTok took this down at 1M views, so it’s for you guys now (WAIT FOR IT) @taylorswift @iamcardib,” she wrote on Instagram sharing the video one more time. Her followers immediately questioned the video-sharing social networking service for putting “under review” the hilarious clip. “WHAT this iconic piece?! Can I start a petition to put it back up?!” wrote a person while another pointed out that this was “a crossover nobody expected, but here we are.”

Followers also noticed how much Niamh Adkins resembles Tay Tay. “But honestly, I thought that was TAYLOR SWIFT for a second there!” the person wrote. Others joked that this might be a deleted scene from the original video and song of Cardi B featuring Megan Thee Stallion. “I don’t remember that part of you belong with me music video. Must have been a deleted scene,” the Instagram user said.

Although it is unknown if Cardi B and Taylor Swift would ever collaborate, what we know is that there‘s only love between the rapper ad the pop singer. In 2017, Cardi B revealed she had a good friendship with Swift when the songstress sent her flowers for making history and becoming number one with “Bodak Yellow” on the Billboard Hot 100, pushing Swift’s ”Look What You Made Me Do” hit from one to the number three position in the same chart. “Sooo beautiful and lovely. Thank you @taylorswift, for the flowers ❤️❤️…. and I freaking love your music?” she wrote on Instagram sharing a photo of the gift.

“Bodak Yellow” rocketed Cardi B‘s music career, making her the first solo female rapper to become No. 1 since 1998 when Lauryn Hill took that coveted position with the song “Doo-Wop (That Thing).” As if this writing, in less than a month since its release, the sex-positive jam, ”WAP” debuted at number-one on the Billboard Hot 100, giving Cardi B her fourth number-one single. Currently, the Afro-Latina superstar is the first and only female rapper holding the most number-one singles in Hot 100 history.

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