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What happened? Salma Hayek broke some plates at the end of dinner

The Mexican actress shared the moment in which she smashes plates on the floor. We explain what happened

Salma Hayek is a charismatic person. It is not a secret that the Mexican actress enjoys life at its best. She is always showing us her adventures. If someone knows the secret to having fun, it is Hayek. This time, the Mexican actress shared the curious moment in which she smashes the plates on the floor. We explain what happened below.

Recently, Hayek and her husband François-Henri Pinault escaped the US and headed straight to Greece! The country is a popular destination for the couple. They went on a similar vacation in 2012. Since then, we have seen Hayek posting photos of their trip on Instagram including: two adorable photos of the couple kissing at a table wearing masks, posing in a bikini, playing music with the locals, and also breaking some plates after dinner.

“I started the night looking #fresh, patiently waiting for my dinner. Six hours later I was breaking plates like it’s customary in #Greece. 🇬🇷”, said Hayek. There is a series of pictures where the actress seems to be relaxed and eating great food.

And as is tradition in Greece, smashing the plates on the floor at the end of a meal is part of an ancient custom that the actress was in charge of honoring in her own way. In another clip, we can also see how well Salma dances to the music of the European country, with a smile that reflects how great of a time she was having.

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The Mexican diva also boasted how her road trips are to the rhythm of a Celia Cruz song, yes, taking all precautionary measures due to the pandemic by wearing a mask that matched the colored dress she was wearing.

Road trip in #Greece 🇬🇷 listening to the #queen @CeliaCruz 🌺 🎶 Long live #salsa! Have a dancing #Sunday!