Katy Perry reveled she had “to change a couple of keys” because her pregnancy has altered her vocals.
Unexpected changes!

Katy Perry revealed being pregnant has altered her powerful vocals

According to the 35-year-old performer, her pregnancy weight might be the culprit.

Singer Katy Perry revealed that being pregnant has affected her powerful vocals. But calm down! This voice change doesn’t mean she won’t be able to sing again.

Indeed, the body of a pregnant person continuously transforms during the nine months of gestation. Visible physical changes like enlarged breasts, and internal symptoms like an uneasiness of the stomach, are frequent during this period; however, there are a few unexpected changes that can alter your ability to do certain things, like singing.

According to the 35-year-old performer, her pregnancy weight might be the culprit. “It’s interesting having 45 extra pounds just kind of like sitting on you; 30 of that is just right here on my lung capacity. It’s not been too challenging, but I’ve definitely had to change a couple of keys,” she said to The Associated Press. “But I think that’s just because of the physical intensity of it.”

Perry is expecting her first child with actor Orlando Bloom, and as she told the publication, she is trying to keep herself active and busy. “I’ve been so active. I’ve been doing the most. I go to the opening of every Zoom link. I am a mom on the move. I am promoting. Do not say that I did not work hard! I worked hard for this moment! I worked hard! Created a life; I worked hard! I do my part!” she said, referring to her upcoming album Smile, which will be available on Friday, August 28.

The superstar also revealed that she and Bloom are not planning a wedding in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic. “We have ideas, but anyone that makes plans in 2020 is just a little LOL. There’s bigger things going on in the world,” she said. “I don’t want to say, ‘Oh, how sad is it that I had to postpone or cancel or whatever.’ It’s so many other horrible things going on. What we’re hoping for is just a safe, healthy baby. That’s the next thing on the calendar that we can look forward to.”

And she is very much looking forward to meeting her baby girl! Perry, which is due any minute now, joked on Twitter on how she wanted to start a petition “to have all movies/tv-shows, etc. update the fact that it’s 10+ months instead of 9 months pregnant.”

In an interview with PEOPLE, the pop superstar shared between her and her fiancé Orlando Bloom, who’s going to advocate discipline. “He’s gonna be the good cop, and I’m gonna be the bad cop. I already know it,” she says. “It’s gonna be fine. Maybe it’ll turn for the teenage years, and I’ll get the teenage years,” she continued. The entertainer also compared herself to Regina George’s mom. “I’ll be cool, mom, you know? Like in Mean Girls, [I’ll] be like, ‘Heeey!’” she joked.

The five-time American Music Award winner also has her priorities straight; however, being a mother won’t make her put aside her successful career. “She’ll always be the No. 1 most important thing ever, naturally,” says Perry. “But I love being a working mom. I don’t think there’s anything negative about it. It’s like, ‘Wow, you can do that and that?’ All right! That’s a woman, you know?”

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