Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy Teigen Reveals Pregnancy In John Legend’s New Music Video

The couple surprised everyone with this unexpected baby bombshell

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are adding a new addition to their family!

John Legend released the video for his song, “Wild” featuring Gary Clark Jr. on Thursday, which starred both him and his beautiful wife, Chrissy Teigen. The whole video was a tribute to their marriage, showing footage featuring some cuddles on the beach, riding in a car with the top down, and of course, some serious PDA.

It wasn‘t exactly a surprise that Chrissy was starring alongside John in his video--she had been teasing the video’s release for a while over on her Twitter page--but the big bombshell they revealed at the end of the visual shocked even the biggest of fans.

As the music video starts to come to a close, we see a shot of John‘s arms wrapped around Chrissy, who has her hand holding her stomach. This quick scene is when we see the tiny bump Teigen is rocking, revealing that the ’Cravings’ author is actually pregnant! After the shocking reveal, the video quickly changes to a shot of the couple kissing and celebrating how happy they are to expand their beautiful family.

Chrissy gave fans a few hours to see the video for themselves before blatantly confirming the news. After “Wild” was released and she started to receive messages from fans about her pregnancy, the model sent out a Tweet that only included one emoji.

Later that night is when Teigen finally talked about the news, posting a video showing off her baby bump in all it‘s glory. In the video, she says, “Look at this third baby s**t...What? Oh my God” implying that even she, herself, is surprised to be pregnant with a third child.

Unplanned or not, one reason fans are so excited for Chrissy to be pregnant again is because the couple notoriously struggled with infertility for the first few years of their marriage. For their second child, Miles, Chrissy ended up undergoing IVF treatments after struggling to get pregnant prior to the birth of their first, Luna.

While it‘s impossible to tell how far along Teigen is in her pregnancy (unless she were to tell us herself, obviously) it seems like she’s still small enough to be in her first or second trimester, which could mean baby number 3 is a result of being quarantined. But really, who can blame the couple for making good use of all that time being stuck at home?

Another cute detail to go along with the release of this video is the fact that the “Wild” director, Nabil, is actually the one who first introduced Chrissy and John 14 years ago. This pregnancy announcement being included in a meaningful video like this is such a full-circle moment for the couple and really shows how far their relationship has come over the last decade.

Congrats to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend on baby number 3! You can check out the music video for “Wild” down below to see the pregnancy reveal for yourself.