Jackass star Steve-O duct tapes himself to a billboard wearing just a diaper

46-year-old man wearing a diaper is duct-taped to a billboard … Wait that’s just Steve-O

Steve-O shut down Cahuenga boulevard in Hollywood after taping himself to his billboard encouraging people to watch his new special ‘Gnarly’

Jackass star Steve-O (46) is one of the original stunt kings that has almost killed himself on more than one occasion. He even released a video on his IGTV of his top ten worst stunt injuries ranging from jumping off roofs into a hot tub to blowing up his living room with him inside it. Steve-O, real name Stephen Glover has a net worth of 75 million dollars.

Over the years Steve-O has been candid about his struggles with drugs which fueled most of his dangerous ideas. You can find a video of him breaking down all the drugs he loved the most with some disturbing footage on his Instagram @steveo. Thankfully Steve-O got sober and has been living clean for 11 years. But just because your sober doesn’t meet you have to get off the stunt rollercoaster.

Steve-O shut down Cahuenga boulevard in Hollywood this morning after taping himself to his billboard around 8 am. He performed the stunt to encourage people to watch his new special ‘Gnarly.’ He posted photos on his IG page including a selfie with the caption “’Im attached to a billboard right now (swipe to see the whole thing) and want to emphasize that a team of real professionals rigged everything safely. There is zero chance of me falling, and it’s important to me that we not waste any valuable city resources on this. I’m happy to just hang out, and really want the world to know about this project I worked so hard on. It’s called Gnarly and, If you’re over 18, check it out at steveo.com! Thanks!”

Despite his promises that the rig was safe and he didn’t need any of the cities resources, LAFD and LAPD rolled up on the scene. At this point, Los Angeles residents had received a notification on the Citizens app about reports of a ‘Mac Duct Taped To Billboard.’ A crowd was gathered in the CVS parking lot where the billboard was located and many spectators were not wearing masks. A helicopter also arrived on the scene and the spectacle was being broadcasted live on Facebook, Instagram, and major news outlets. Steve-O’s fiance Lux Wright @Luxalot was streaming the scene on her Instagram live and assured fans that they had everything he needed included water, food, and an extra diaper.

The team even strategically set up a rope that he could use to pull things up. Which he eventually used to get a mask before LAFD came into contact with him. According to Wright Steve-O was planning on staying on the billboard for the entire day. Once police showed up Steve-O posted on his Instagram story that the police didn’t know if he was breaking any laws, especially since he paid for the billboard himself. Unfortunately, Steve-O’s stunt came to an end around 11 am and the LAFD insisted that they get him down themselves due to safety concerns.

Steve-O removed most of the duck tape himself which revealed his diaper and a professional rig he was attached to including harnesses and ropes. After he was carried down the ladder he was examined by LAFD. His fiance could be heard on her IG live saying “he’s probably going to jail now.” Thankfully for Steve-O, he was released without going into custody, and hopefully, he didn’t have to use his diaper while he was up there. People watching the lives reacted both positively and negatively calling Steve-O a genius for getting the world to advertise for him for free while others called out his use of city resources and the crowd’s lack of masks. Once Steve-O was medically cleared he got in a car and left the area. He stopped on his way out and fist-bumped some fans and gave a short interview.

This isn’t the first time that Steve-O has used a sign to get his point across. After the release of “Blackfish” in 2013 documenting the lives of Orcas that Sea World has in captivity, Steve-O made it his mission to save them. In 2014 he was cited after taking credit for changing a freeway sign in San Diego from “Sea World Drive” to “Sea World Sucks.”

At first, nobody knew who was responsible for the “vandalism” until a video was posted on youtube showing him and his team scaling the sign. Steve-O was happy to let the world know it was him and took his protest to the next level and climbed a 100-foot crane in Hollywood, inflated a large killer whale that said “Sea World Sucks” and lit fireworks. According to police, they didn‘t know if he had to be rescued and sent 5 ambulances, a helicopter, and 80 firemen. He was then charged with creating a false emergency, vandalism, and fireworks violations. He was eventually sentenced to 30 days in jail and was forced to stay away from the neighborhood as part of his probation. Steve-O was happy to go to jail and wrote on his Instagram. “I must say I’m ready to go to jail — not just because it will bring so much attention to the plight of orcas in captivity, but because it’s nice to let people know I haven’t lost my edge,” ”What can I say? I’m a jackass.” He served 8 hours out of his 30-day sentence and according to the Associated Press, he had to pay 14,000 dollars to the city of LA.

Steve-O’s new special “Gnarly” can be found on his website SteveO.com. The multimedia comedy special includes cameos from Jackass stars Johnny Knoxville and Weeman.

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