Christie Brinkley in black bikini

Christie Brinkley looks stunning in one-piece black bikini

Uptown Girl goes for Sunset Swim

Supermodel Christie Brinkley shared some stunning photos, rocking a one-piece black bikini at the beach at sunset. This “Uptown Girl”, as fellow Hamptonite Billy Joel once called her, looked amazing leaning against a silver Jeep Wrangler wearing a gold chain and sunglasses in her summer best.

In the comments section, she also paid tribute to her Mom, thinking about the global pandemic: “👍🏼 My mom always said ‘live each day as tho its your last’ and nowadays that’s has a whole new doing to it! Grateful for everyday!”

Covergirl Brinkley, who is now 66 years old, has spoken in the past, on Extra TV, on how having a Total Gym has helped maintain her weight during the lockdown. “I did put on a couple pounds… So I dragged my Total Gym into my bedroom… Getting out and gardening is a lot of work… We’ll take the boat to a deserted beach and we’ll do speed walks or running… I’m determined to get back to my fighting shape.”