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JLo’s nightstand is the ultimate life hack

The superstar’s latest selfie revealed what she smartly keeps in her nightstand

Jennifer Lopez’s latest selfie is a feast for the eyes. From her pumped up kicks to her empathetic sweatsuit, the 51-year-old’s casual candy-coated ensemble was a perfect post for a sleepy Sunday morning. However, that’s not all we were looking at on August 2. Something in the background of what we assume to be the superstar’s master bedroom of her Hamptons home caught our attention. Directly behind JLo we saw something she keeps handy in her nightstand and it’s quite a life hack!

jennifer lopez selfie©@jlo
Jennifer Lopez’ latest selfie gave us a wonderful life hack

Water! Well, not just any water, but designer water - she is a superstar, after all. If we’re getting specific, it appears to be Acqua Panna‘s natural spring water, an Italian brand both she and A-Rod have been known to enjoy. Anyway, this is a celebrity life hack we can get behind. It might seem simple, but how many times have you woken up parched in the middle of the night and practically sleepwalked down to the refrigerator?

“Empathy: The ability to understand and share the feelings of another,” she wrote in the emoji-clad caption of the photo. “Happy Sunday.” The true star of Jenny’s post, and reason for her caption, was her sweater: the “Empathy Always” crewneck, which retails for $98 on the Mayfair Group. She seemed to be sporting the matching pants, too. We also have to give it up for the entertainer’s Nike sneakers and forest green shades.

The Hustlers leading lady seems to be on a selfie roll, having kicked off August by showing the world her stunning “morning face.” “Good morning, everyone!!!” she exclaimed alongside a photo of her in nothing but a luxurious white robe.

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