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Is Brad Pitt dating Alia Shawkat? We finally have an answer!

The actress addressed the rumors head on in a new interview

Brad Pitt’s dating life became a popular topic the moment he waltzed into Hollywood. In fact, it’s a running joke that whoever he stands next to will be dubbed his love interest in the media the following day. Well, it happened yet again. For about a year, rumors have tirelessly linked the 56-year-old A-lister with 31-year-old television star Alia Shawkat. And all it took was a photo of them leaving the Los Angeles Playhouse together. After much tabloid attention, the quirky Search Party star is finally addressing all the speculation.

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“We’re not dating,” she immediately said in a new interview with Vulture. “We’re just friends.” Throughout the year various paparazzi pics have been released showing the pair out together and it stressed the Arrested Development actress out. “I just felt overwhelmed,” she added about the trending news debacle. “It’s that feeling of being naked in school, like, Oh my God, everyone’s looking at me.”

Of course, pop culture aficionados have been watching Brad’s dating life even closer since he and Angelina Jolie filed for divorce in 2016. The humanitarian opened up about her ex husband in a recent chat with Vogue, saying: “I separated for the wellbeing of my family. It was the right decision,” she says standing by the choice. “I continue to focus on their healing.”

We last saw Brad for a moment in lockdown, sweetly surprising 2020 graduates from Missouri State University. “Hi everyone, Brad here from quarantine with a shout out to the graduating class of Missouri State University,” he said. “It must be very strange doing this in these trying times, but no, we‘re rooting for you. Our money’s on you to make this world a better place. And we wish you all the best in your future endeavors. You did it, you made it! Enjoy, congrats again, and think big!”

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