Celeb Baby Pics


Adorable celeb baby pics that will make you want to dig up your photo album

If you love indulging in nostalgia, don’t miss these celeb baby pics

Let’s face it, babies are not only super adorable but also exude an air of endless potential and possibilities. Every child has the potential to rise and become a star, and every parent believes their baby is the most beautiful and special baby that joined this world.

Looking back at these celebrity baby photos, you’ll see that celebrities were once little angels, just like us. Whether they found their paths through hard work and dedication to their craft, or if luck was on their side and were discovered at an early age, your heart will melt when you see the innocence in their eyes.

If you love indulging in nostalgia, you will certainly love flipping through these photos and seeing how each of these celebs began their life journey.

From baby photos of icons Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, to younger stars such as Selena, whose movie The Broken Hearts will be the first movie to be released in theaters post-shutdown and Netflix Gentefied´s star, Julissa Calderon, you will see that their cuteness will spark a warm and hopeful feeling.

Just wonder what will the future hold for Zoe Saldana´s 3 boys, Cardi B’s darling Kulture and Serena Williams’ daughter Olympia

Scroll through these pics and then dig up your old albums to remind yourself that we all start filled with potential and while they might have already found their stardom, it’s never late for anyone to aim for their dreams.

Who would have guessed this little angel would among the top latinos to make Forbes recently published their 100 Highest-Paid Celebrities list.

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Looking at baby Beyonce, would you have predicted that she not only would have won over 20 Grammy Awards and a pop culture icon referred to as Queen Bey!?

Kim Kardashian’s baby post also shows that she always has valued her family as source of energy and force in her life. The endless seasons of Keeping Up With the Kardashians (18 seasons) have entertained with family filled drama of hysterical comments, ugly cries and tight-knit family bond. And she has her new family with Kanye West and not only do they have beautiful kids, but also a combined net-worth to secure their dreams and future.

Baby Selena will just warn your heart. As her caption mentions, she started her dream career on the tv show Barney & Friends. This smiling baby has worked hard, acted in movies, released albums and now owns the iconic $5 million, 11,500 square feet mansion previous and designed by Tom Petty in 1989 in Encino, California.

And this chunky bundle of joy, Julissa Calderon, is the a gorgeous afro-latina role model that is currently the star in one of the trendiest Latinx shows on Netflix. A bilingual series that depicts the latino family and community culture and the current issues that their communities are experiencing with gentrification.

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I wonder 🤗🌸

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Our beloved Cardi B, a true Latinx inspiration. Her story of rising to fame is the modern day millennial and gen-z American dream, from instagram to becoming of the top entertainment personalities of this generation.

Now, it’s your turn to look at your old baby photos and start dreaming.

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