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Karla Souza takes on the FIFA scandal in Amazon Prime Video’s ‘El Presidente’

Karla Souza faces the FIFA scandal in Amazon Prime’s video El presidente

Karla Souza stars in a series that reveals FIFA’s corruption scandals in Amazon Prime Video El Presidente along with Andrés Parra and Paulina Gaitan. The eight-episode series tells the story of an FBI undercover agent working to take down Sergio Jadue, the head of a small Chilean soccer club that ultimately ends up being a key player in the 2015 FIFA corruption scandal (the government of the United States investigated the governing body of FIFA after finding collusion between officials of soccer organizations and sports marketing executives).

Karla, who just wrapped How to Get Away with Murder, reveals that one of her goals was to always remain true to her character’s nature. “One of the hardest things was that, well, I am undercover. I have to act out different characters without losing the essence of who Harris is: an FBI agent,” the Mexican actress explains. Karla’s character is front and center as she works to bring down the corrupt governing bodies within the global organization. Andres, who portrays the presidente in question, loves the essence and nature of the show. “We start airing the dirty laundry of the world of soccer, and I think that is heady,” the Colombian-born actor shares.

El Presidente is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video.

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