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Rosalía rates Kylie Jenner’s ex Travis Scott’s Spanish

The rapper joined her on her latest single TKN

Rosalía’s musical relationship with Travis Scott led him to singing in Spanish for the first time. Following their collaboration on the remix of the rapper’s Highest In the Room, the pair teamed up once again for TKN. The song, which is a fusion of classic Reggaeton and Flamenco, was recorded over a year ago and released in May. However, it wasn’t complete until two weeks prior to its release. Although it was his first time rapping in Spanish, the Con Altura singer said it felt natural. “Travis gives it that special sound,” the 26-year-old said in an interview with Los 40 Urban.

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Rosalía and Travis Scott just released their latest collaboration TKN

“The way he raps and sings in Spanish. It sounds really authentic, for me this has a lot of credibility. It sounds like he’s been doing this all his life.” TKN, was created after the Spanish songstress had a vison of artist who are surrounded by family, entourages or crews. “TKN, TKN, TKN/No new friends, no new wounds,” Rosalia and Travis sing in Spanish. For the Malamente singer, releasing the song during the Coronavirus pandemic was important as she felt the world needed more motivation and a need to dance.

“Right now I am working on a next project. I am enjoying making songs in the studio for the sheer joy of making music and also because right now with everything that is happening around me,” she said. “I felt like it, since I am lucky to be able to be safe at home, spending time making songs. And without the pressure, I‘m making music enjoying myself, simply because it makes me happy to make songs.”

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The Spanish songstress said that her friend’s Spanish appeared “natural”

In May, Rosalia opened up about the impact spending time in the United States – away from her family in Spain – has had on her during the pandemic. In addition, the hardest part about the pandemic has been “having to stop suddenly, since I’m a person who is always involved in lots of projects and traveling all over the place,” she told Elle. “What’s changed for me is realizing that from one day to the next, there are things that can cease to exist. It’s like the world stopped, literally.”

“I’m making progress on my music, but notwithstanding, I wanted to remark on something that seems to be happening to a lot of people, myself included.”