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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ star Stephanie Beatriz has a message to actors who play cops

The actress, who plays Detective Rosa Diaz on the show, donated $11,000 to bail fund

Stephanie Beatriz has a call to action tocelebrities in Hollywood who play law enforcement. The Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress has taken to her social media to call to actors and actresses who have played cops to donate money to the National Bail Fund Network in support of people across the United States who are protesting the death of George Floyd. Stephanie, who plays Detective Rosa Diaz on the series, kicked off the donations with $11,000 to the organization.

Brooklyn nine-nine©@stephaniebeatriz
Stephanie Beatriz is calling on actors who play cops to donate to the National Bail Fund Network

“I’m an actor who plays a detective on TV,” she wrote on Twitter. “If you currently play a cop? If you make tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in residual from playing a cop? I’ll let you do the math (Thanks @GriffLightning for leading the way). Under the caption, the 39-year-old actress shared a screenshot of her donation receipt.

Stephanie was inspired by actor Griffin Newman who made the same contribution. “I’m an out-of-work actor who (improbably) played a detective on two episodes of BLUE BLOODS almost a decade ago,” he wrote in addition to the same verbiage from Stephanie.

brooklyn nine nine cast, donations©@stephaniebeatriz
The 38-year-old actress plays Rosa Diaz on the series

Stephanie was joined by the cast of Brooklyn Nine-Nine and other creators, producers and showrunners of the series as they collectively donated $100,000 to the National Bail Fund Network. “The cast and showrunner of Brooklyn 99 condemn the murder of George Floyd and support the many people who are protesting police brutality nationally. Together we have made a $100,000 donation to The National Bail Fund Network,” he wrote. “We encourage you to look up your local bail fund: the National Bail Fund Network is an organization that can lead you to them. #blacklivesmatter.”

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