Amara La Negra supporting BLM movement
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Dominican star Amara La Negra joins fight against racial injustice and knows ‘united we are stronger’

“I am Dominican but first I am black”

Amara La Negra has had enough with racism. In a recent video, the Dominican singer, whose real name is Diana Danelys De Los Santos, conveyed her thoughts, feelings and the social paradigms about the systemic racism in the US. Not only has Amara experienced colorism from a young age but she also has struggled with her career advancement due to the melanin of her skin. In the wake of George Floyd’s death many celebrities, including Amara have marched out in the streets to express the racial tyranny that exists in their communities. Many citizens have been supporting the black community to continue to fight against discrimination. The Latina singer who is currently in Miami finally opened up with her fans about why racism is still an issue globally and is not exclusive to the US.

Amara La Negra protests in BLM movement©@amaralanegraaln
Amara La Negra makes a stand against all forms of racism

During her two-hour live discussion on social media, the Andale star shared the importance of educating people about white privilege, discrimination and concepts to understand the racial biases within black communities. The social activist, who marched for three hours, admits that she is constantly under scrutiny. In a society where black people continue to be questioned about their education, class and background, Amara admits that she continues to receive prejudice against her race where they call her “the black one,” “the Haitian one.”

In fact, Amara’s activism led to followers calling her a clout chaser and fake Dominican. “I am Dominican but first I am black,” added the singer on her social media, further explaining why she considers herself black.

Despite the fans’ bashing and strong critics, Amara stays transparent with her Latinx roots and ideals. No matter what, Amara will continue to represent her Latinidad as she has been doing since 17-years-old and to raise her voice where injustice prevails, “United We are Stronger!”

As coronavirus hit the nation, she also launched an initiative Empower “U”, in partnership with Singer Pleasure P and Dr. Darren Thorton which will be community educational campaign for African Americans and Latinos on COVID-19.