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Defying gravity

Eva Longoria tries circus training in extreme (and hilarious) video

The star attempted trapeze, juggling, aerial acrobatics and more

Come one, come all to see a high-flying Hollywood A-lister!  Eva Longoria  called upon her old cheerleading skills for an extreme wellness challenge and the video is quite the marvel. Before self-isolation, Vogue summoned the 45-year-old star to undergo circus training. From juggling to aerial acrobatics, a trainer led Eva in the unorthodox fitness routine. “I’m already screwed,” she quipped before diving in. In the end, the snappy entertainer gave us an enjoyable watch, her comedic flare and core strength shining above all else.

Watch the fun full session below!

eva longoria exercise©Youtube
Eva Longoria went to new heights during an extreme wellness challenge

First up: Eva tried her hand at trapeze training. Founding Director of Cirque School Aloysia Gavre wanted to get the actress in touch with her natural gifts. “I have a lot of natural gifts,” Eva joked. Next thing you know, Eva’s donning a leotard and in the air! “The trapeze was hard, just on your body - the bar hurts,” she said in a testimonial. “I hope it looks good, cause it hurts!” she said while trying a move. Eva was able to support herself and hit some great poses while up on the trapeze.

Next, Eva jumped into an activity she dubbed “mentally the hardest”: juggling. After several attempts, and a little frustration, the Desperate Housewives icon nailed it! She squealed in celebration, saying that “juggling can apply to your life and I think it’s actually one of the most useful things I learned today.”

Instructor Justin Anderson came in for the final act: acrobatics. “I used to do back handsprings all the way down the football field,” Eva recalled grinning, “but that was like 25 years ago.” Even though she may not have dusted off her skills in a while, Eva looked anything but rusty. She completed an impressive one-handed cartwheel, a handstand and more.

 Santiago ’s mom said she called upon her inner child to let go and try learning the new skill. She described a good attitude as “having fun and being fearless, so that you say yes to things as opposed to no.” At the end of the day “you want to bring that childlike view back into your adulthood.” She seemed to have blast during the taping, concluding: “If acting doesn’t work out - I am totally running away to join the circus.” We’d be right there in the front row watching!

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