Sofia Vergara and Manolo

Sofia Vergara gets cheeky in hilarious cooking call with Dolce & Gabbana, find out what she asked them!

The Colombian actress and her son Manolo got busy in the kitchen – and the results were both impressive and hilarious!

Fancy rustling something up in the kitchen but stuck for inspiration? Well, look no further than this hilarious video of Sofia Vergara and her son Manolo attempting eggplant parmigiana with help from none other than Italian designer duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana. Connected via the Internet, we get a glimpse into the Italian kitchen of the designers as well as inside Sofia’s light and airy kitchen. “I’m just going to stand here and look beautiful,” says the Modern Family actress, “I don’t know how to cook!”

Sofia Vergara cooking©Instagram
The eggplant parmigiana turned out wonderfully – thanks to Manolo’s efforts!

And she does look stunning in a floral bodice (quite probably a D&G one) and jeans, her hair in soft waves around her shoulders and a statement silver necklace to glam proceedings up. “What are you drinking?,” asks Stefano, seeing Sofia clasping a glass in her hand while Manolo is busy in the background with the frying pan over a hot stove. “A negroni,” she responds to which the Italian pair plug their own wine, a Sicilian rosé. They promise to send her a bottle to L.A. which provokes a lot of excitement from the Colombian actress.

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Sofia then tells the designer duo off for bragging about their luscious-looking Italian tomatoes and the fresh basil that they have growing on their balcony. “This is the most my mother has cooked in 30 years,” quips Manolo. “I’m pretending,” laughs Sofia. “I want to thank you – it took Dolce and Gabbana to get her into the kitchen to cook,” her son retorts. He then asks what temperature the dish should be cooked at and Domenico responds: “I don’t know, I never check, I cook with my fantasy!”

The dish then miraculously appears already cooked in the Italian kitchen, prompting Manolo to say “wow, 40 minutes goes in a flash in Italian time!” And the designers promise to send their friends a slice by UPS. “Put it in one of your handbags,” pleads Sofia. The video ends with the friends suggesting they open a restaurant together given the success of the dish!

But it’s not just drinking and cooking as there’s an important message behind the video. “Thank you guys for having me part of your family. How beautiful what you guys are doing,” Sofia tells her Italian friends. “With the Devotion bag and the university, it’s beautiful!” The America’s Got Talent host has modeled for D&G’s Devotion bag campaign, with a portion of proceeds from the sales of the bags to be donated to Humanitas University to aid their global health initiatives.

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