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Mexican superstar Belinda talks to us about giving back and enjoying simple things in life

The singer performs for HOLA! USA while shedding her own light on a meaningful cause, Farmworkers’ Pandemic Relief Fund

Belinda is getting through the quarantine with faith, love and music. The Un Traguito songstress performed a special rendition of her inspiring song See a Little Light from her home in Mexico. The ballad is all about finding the happiness and light when times are tough. “I want them to hear this song and feel that we are going to have better days; everything is going to get better, and that we need to enjoy every day,” she tells HOLA! USA. “I want them to connect with their own soul and feel it with an open heart.”

At home with her family in Mexico, the songstress has seen a light of her own. “I think that we all have learned to value the little, small things every day,” she says. “Sometimes we take everything for granted. We have to enjoy every moment because we never know what is going to happen in the future. This situation came when we least expected it, and I think everyone is changing in a positive way.”

Belinda, hola usa performance©@belindapop
“I want them to hear this song and feel that we are going to have better days”

More importantly, the song is dedicated to the Farm Workers – who have had to seek aid during the Covid-19 crisis. Belinda is working alongside the Justice for Migrant Women, Hispanics in Philanthropy and Mónica Ramírez, co-founder of the Latinx House to raise money for the Farmworker’s Pandemic Relief Fund.

Keep reading as Belinda talks more about the inspiring new single and how it will encourage those in need around the world.

HOLA! USA: What inspired you to sing See a Little Light in English?
Belinda: “This is one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever written. I wrote See a Little Light originally in English, and it talks about faith and finding that little light in yourself to continue to be happy, to find that love and strength. I think that the message is really beautiful and honest. I love this song so much that I have a Spanish version too, and it’s one of my hits.”

Where have you personally found light during these tough times?
“I see everything with new eyes, and that‘s my light. I opened my eyes to simple and beautiful things, like a beautiful day, watching a sunset, watching the stars, a good coffee in the morning, creating music. Those simple things are the best we can have, and I appreciate life for this, for being healthy and having my family with me.”

See a Little Light is dedicated to farm workers? What is your connection?
“I think all of us have an important connection with farm workers. They are essential to our lives. I respect and admire them; that‘s why I’m supporting this movement and want to help them. It is thanks to them we eat every day. They are risking their lives so we can have food on our tables, so I think it’s time for us to help, to give back and to show them that they matter and we appreciate their work.”

Is there something that you have learned during the pandemic?
“I’ve learned so many things, to enjoy every day and live in the moment. Spend time with the people that I love and care about. To stay positive. Be creative, to be thankful and not take things for granted. And saying thank you every day and every night. I have faith that together we can make things better.”

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