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George Clooney is a teenage dream in high school yearbook photos

Can you guess which clubs he was in?

If you were wondering if George Clooney has always been handsome…the answer is yes! Thanks to MyHeritage, pictures of the Hollywood heartthrob, who is celebrating his 59th birthday on May 6, from his years at Augusta High School have been released. It’s no surprise that George appears in many sections of the yearbook, but it’s the sections that you would never guess. The Catch-22 star proudly sits with the rest of the members of the Science Club. George was obviously too cool for school as he rocked a button up shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and a couple of buttons undone.

george clooney high school pictures©My Heritage
George Clooney in his high school yearbook

Keeping with the theme of science, George appears in the photo for the Beta Club as well. What’s not surprising is his appearance in the front row and center for the baseball team. The stunning star flashes a smile as he sits in the front row. Seeing that he grew up to become one of the biggest actors in the world, it’s surprising that the Sexiest Man Alive star didn’t appear in any of the drama club photos.

George played varsity baseball at the Kentucky high school for all four years. After graduating, he tried out for a professional baseball team, and didn’t make the cut. After spending time with his cousin Miguel Ferrer, who was a famous actor, he accidentally found his way into Hollywood.

George Clooney, high school©My Heritage
The Hollywood star was a part of the Science Club and Beta Club

“I didn’t really think about acting as a kid,” the father-of-two told CNN in 2018. “My cousin Miguel Ferrer, who was a talented actor came to visit, and his father was Jose Ferrer, and they came down to Kentucky to do a movie. And at the end of the movie, my cousin Miguel said, ‘You gotta come to Hollywood to become an actor,’ and I said, ‘okay.’” And that’s kind of how it happened. It was an accident in a way. I was cutting tobacco at the time.”

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