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The real reason behind Brad Pitt’s rare and emotional TV appearance where he tears up giving gift to his ‘sister’

The actor’s reason for appearing on HGTV’s Celeb IOU will surprise you

Brad Pitt is many things: a friend, a father, an actor and most importantly, someone who likes to give back to people. The Hollywood A-Lister is no stranger to home renovations and design, so it was no surprise that he would take an interest in HGTV’s Celeb IOU with the Property Brothers, Drew and Jonathan Scott. What did surprise everyone was that Brad Pitt would be making a rare appearance on TV! On Celeb IOU, celebrities partner with the brothers to gift someone special in their life a home renovation — Brad chose his ‘sister’ and makeup artist, Jean Ann Black, while she was away.

Brad Pitt©GettyImages
Back in 2007 Brad Pitt set out to help rebuild homes in New Orleans after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina

It’s reported that Brad’s fellow acting friend Viola Davis was the one who clued him in on the project. Drew revealed that the brother’s had run into Viola (who also appears on the show) at the Emmys and had shared the project with her. He recalled how she loved the idea and would think of others who might be a good fit for the show.

Sometime later, Jonathan received a call from Brad himself, leaving both brothers in shock and wondering if it was Brad himself or a Brad they knew growing up who might have been pranking them. And once the brothers met Brad, all they could do was gush about him. “We were both so impressed by all the architecture and design knowledge that Brad Pitt had,” Jonathan enthusiastically recalled.

Jonathan even noted how much of a “true gentleman” Brad is. “Drew and I were both surprised. Brad was such a gentleman, and he was so easy to work with and to talk to,” Jonathan revealed about the father-of-six. He continued, “It was remarkable, too, because – I’ve never had this before with any celebrity I’ve ever met, but when he came in, the very first time, he took the time to meet everybody and he remembered every single crew member’s name, both the production crew and construction crew. He was through and through a true gentleman.”

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