Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carys Douglas
Small Fright

Catherine Zeta-Jones’ daughter Carys gives mom a scare during lockdown incident

The actress experienced quite the scare for a very surprising reason

Catherine Zeta-Jones experienced quite the fright with her daughter Carys Douglas — but not for the reason you might think! The Feud: Bette and Joan actress has been self-quarantining at home with her daughter, son Dylan Douglas and husband Michael Douglas in an effort to stay safe from the coronavirus. In the short clip shared by the actress, you can see her daughter showing off a perfectly done handstand by one of Catherine’s many beautiful paintings that decorate their home. Upon “dismount,” Carys accidentally knocks into the painting, causing her mother to get concerned, not so much for Carys but her painting!

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In the video, you can hear Catherine saying “No Carys! That nearly came off the wall okay!” Carys reacts to her run-in with the painting with a poignant “Ouch.” The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles actress jokingly shared the caption “When you are more concerned about your painting than your daughter‘s foot. You need to get a life.” The mamá-of-two has taken to social media a lot recently to share videos of herself and her children. Following her video of Carys’ mishap, she shared a video of herself with a horned sparkly headpiece captioned “I grew a horn, but it sparkles.”

Dylan Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Carys Zeta Douglas©GettyImages
Catherine Zeta-Jones shares two children with actor Michael Douglas: Carys Zeta Douglas, 17, and Dylan Michael Douglas, 19

Catherine has also shared videos of her 19-year-old son Dylan, which was met with great praise by her fans. In one of her videos, Dylan walks up to his sister Carys and shows off his “pocket chair” trick that really got his sister to ‘LOL’ hard (as well as Catherine herself). She added to the video, “Introducing ‘The pocket chair’ after being sequestered studying, during lockdown, this ingenious idea, could be a career changer.” The Catherine the Great actress recently commemorated her daughter’s 17th birthday with a touching tribute as well.

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