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Maluma ages 50 years in ‘ADMV’ video – and he’s still easy on the eyes – see the transformation

The superstar sings about the Love of his Life

Maluma made a major transition for his latest music video. The Colombian heartthrob released his romantic new singer ADMV (Amor de mi Vida) or Love of My Life. Along with the song came visuals that show the 26-year-old in a different light. With the help of prosthetics, the young singer aged himself 50 years. It’s almost hard to recognize the singer until his single hand tattoo is revealed. In the video, old Maluma sings to his love. Clips of the pair dancing in their home, strolling on the beach and sitting by the fire play as he belts out the guitar-lead ballad.

Maluma, new music video©Youtube
Maluma ages 50 years and sings about the love of his life in ADMV music video

As Maluma reflects on their long life together, he then sits alone. In a sad twist of events, old Maluma stands on the doc with and urn of his love’s ashes. ADMV is a solo single that the star wanted to put out to send some love and light into the world. “Estamos pasando momentos difíciles pero espero que con esta canción puedan sentir cerca a los que están lejos./We are going through difficult times but I hope that with this song you can feel close to those who are far away,” he wrote next to a clip of the video.

During an interview with Apple Music, the HP singer opened up about “the most beautiful” song he’s ever written in his life. “It‘s called The Love of My Life, Amor de mi Vida, ADMV. It’s a song that I wrote in a musical camp that I had in Jamaica in January without knowing all the things that are happening right now, the coronavirus.” he shared.

Maluma revealed that she song was written at a musical camp in Jamaica in January. When he couldn’t leave in time to make it to the GRAMMYs, where he was nominated, he wrote from the pain. “And I couldn’t fly,” he added. “I was so sad and so mad because I knew tat I had this big chance to get the Grammy to my house and I couldn’t go, man. And I had all these feelings inside myself and it was like ‘What should I do with this?’”

Maluma, music video©@maluma
The 26-year-old calls ADMV “the most beautiful song I’ve written in my life”

If art does not imitate life. Maluma revealed that he is currently single and the only loves in his life are family, music and his charity. “I’m single. Yes, I’ve been single for a while,” he shared during an interview with CBS This Morning. “Yeah, to be honest it’s not my priority to be in a relationship. My career is growing, and I have to invest my energy mind and my everything I got in it. My mind is in my foundation. I’m helping people. I’m good for now.”