Chris Cuomo out of quarantine

Watch Chris Cuomo reunite with his family after being quarantined in the basement

Andrew Cuomo’s brother is COVID-free and allowed to rejoin his family upstairs

Chris Cuomo is smiling big because he has been given the green light to get out of the basement and reunite with his family after his coronavirus battle. The CNN Cuomo Prime Time host had been quarantined away from wife Cristina Greeven Cuomo and their three kids Bella, Mario and Carolina for several weeks since revealing his positive COVID-19 diagnosis on March 31. The big moment came during his April 20th broadcast which showed the 49-year-old ascend the stairs and step into the family living room with everyone present. “Alright, here it is,” Chris said to the camera. “The official re-entry from the basement, cleared by the CDC.”

Chris Cuomo and daughter Carolina©@ChrisCuomo
Chris’ youngest daughter Carolina “Cha Cha” was able to visit her dad during one of his show’s, something his kids hadn’t been able to do in weeks

Cristina, whose diagnosis was revealed on April 16, has also been allowed to come out of self-isolation. “My wife, she was cleared by the CDC,” he continued. “She doesn’t have a fever; she doesn’t have the symptoms anymore, more than seven days from her quarantine.”

One of Chris’ biggest fears, which he shared with his older brother and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo during a previous show, was that his family would contract the virus from him. During Monday’s show, Chris also acknowledged his wife once again as the stronger of the two, “She’s out of quarantine, and she dealt with it in a fraction of the time so we are among the blessed.”

Despite not being contagious anymore, Chris remains to be cautious with keeping a distance from his loved ones as he admitted, “we’re still a little scared.” Since much is still unknown of the virus and if someone can contract it again, he didn’t give his kids and wife a longing embrace but chose to fist bump the air to each other. “This is the dream,” he said while praising his kids for stepping up and taking care of everything while both of their parents were sick. “Just to be back up here doing normal things.”

The journalist has been able to get back to his usual routine of working out, but he shared it’s not to the level he was doing prior to his diagnosis. “Recovery is a real thing,” he noted in an Instagram Story. “This isn’t your typical viruses and flu where you get over it. They are explaining this as coming back from some major surgery.” Chris, who would post his Get After Fit workouts on his social media, said that he was able to do 20 minutes on the elliptical at a low level to get his heart rate up and was able to go for a 25-minute walk outside. “The Mrs. and I took a walk for 25 minutes; it was tiring, but we did it,” he said.

Chris Cuomo workout©@ChrisCuomo
Chris revealed that his workouts will not go back to normal right away as coronavirus recovery is much more severe

Throughout his diagnosis, the father-of-three kept his viewers and followers up-to-date on his symptoms and progress. He revealed he chipped a tooth due to incessant shivering, had fevers that wouldn’t go away and body aches that forced him to be bedridden. The youngest of the five even hallucinated seeing his late father Mario Cuomo and his big brother Andrew dancing around in a ballerina outfit.