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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in talks to purchase a baseball team

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are making big plans for a major deal. The triple-threat and the former MLB star are reportedly in talks to put in a bid for the New York Mets baseball team. According to Variety, J-Rod have been in talks with JPMorgan Chase to “raise capital for a possible bid on the New York Mets.” Although the A-list duo is set to have a combined net worth of $700 million, a full portion of the team’s stake is out of the realm of possibility.

Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez©GettyImages
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are in talks to buy the New York Mets

The Mets are valued at $2.6 billion. After a deal to sell 80 percent of the team fell apart in December, the deal was back on the table. According to the magazine, whoever ends up buying the team would have to take $50 million in annual losses.

The idea of being owner of the Mets may be odd to some, as Alex spent his baseball career making name for himself on the New York Yankees until his retirement in 2016. Jennifer is also from the Bronx, which is the home of the Yankees franchise.

Alex Rodriguez, Jennifer Lopez©GettyImages
A-Rod retired from the Yankees in 2016 but has always had a love for the Mets

However, in a recent interview, the 44-year-old sports analyst opened up about the idea of buying the rival franchise. “Here‘s what it is. I love New York City, number one,” he told Jimmy Fallon. ”A lot of people don’t know this. Growing up I was a big Mets fan and with the exception of my daughters’ birth, both of them, the best years of my life were 1986 and 2009, when we won. I will say this. If the opportunity came up, I would certainly look at it.” Joking with the host: “And maybe you can buy them with me. I need a partner!”

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