Salma Hayek
Mothering Instincts

Salma Hayek asks fans how she can save this ‘future baby’ and we need an update!

The mamá-of-one wants to help out a fellow mamá in need

Salma Hayek is worried and wants to lend her help! Over the weekend, The Hitman‘s Wife’s Bodyguard actress took to social media to share a picture of a duck family sitting with their egg baby. Salma’s concern for the welfare of the future little duckling began once she noticed that the mother had stepped away from the egg. She asked fans what they thought she should do as it was cold outside and she didn’t want anything bad to happen to the egg in the mother’s absence. Fans seemed to be divided as to what Salma should do: some say she should leave the egg alone while others say she should step in to save the day.

Salma Hayek shares a picture of a duck egg that she found©@salmahayek
Salma’s mothering instincts kicked in when she saw the duck egg all alone

She shared, “I need some advice. There is a couple of ducks that hang out in my garden. Today she laid one egg and then they walked away How can i save the future baby 🦆? It’s kind of could. Do I take the egg inside and keep it warm or do I wait for them to come back. They’ve been gone for half an hour.” One fan commented, “I [would] say wait.. I think if you touch the egg they might abandon it,” while another shared, “Sit on it for minimum 20 days! You’ll save the life!

Salma Hayek shares a picture of a duck egg that she found©@salmahayek
The ‘Bliss’ actress wanted to keep the egg safe from all harm

One thing that all fans agreed upon was that she should remain vigilant in case the mother does not return to the egg or a much larger bird were to fly in and take the egg. We’re still anxiously waiting for an update from Salma to see if the momma duck came back to here egg!

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