Enrique Iglesias lays on the grass while twins play

Enrique Iglesias accidentally shows fans too much while giving twins Nicholas and Lucy piggy back rides

The Spanish singer found the best game to entertain the cute kids he shares with Anna Kournikova – but there was an unexpected wardrobe malfunction!

He may be a massive award-winning, stadium-filling pop singer but Enrique Iglesias is also a fun-loving father of three. And as long-time love Anna Kournikova took care of their youngest child, two-month old Mary, the Bailando singer was in charge of their two-year-old twins. Piggy back rides was the order of the day, with Enrique captioning his sweet Instagram video “Hang on!” Little Nicholas is seen first on top of his dad’s back, shouting “Papa!” in excitement but his hands lose their grip and he slides off his mount onto the soft grass. But as Nicholas cries in frustration, Enrique stops and encourages him to climb back on board.

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Unfortunately Nicholas is blocked from hopping on dad’s back as sister Lucy springs into action! She jumps on top of Enrique’s back while her brother also tries to climb up, inadvertently pulling his dad’s pants down to give a glimpse of his Calvin Klein boxers! Lucy gets carried away on her ride to squeals of delight while poor Nicholas is left behind, crying in disappointment. No doubt the little boy got another go afterwards!

Enrique has been delighting fans with his social media posts during lockdown – from cute videos with little Mary dancing on his knee to photos and clips of the boisterous twins. So far there’s no word on whether his planned tour with Ricky Martin – a devoted dad-of-four himself – will go ahead as planned. It was due to kick off on September 5 in Phoenix Arizona . In the meantime we can entertain ourselves watching him with his kids and checking out his throwback music videos.

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