Selena Quintanilla, music videos
Visually Stunning

Celebrate Selena Quintanilla’s birthday with her most iconic music videos

A look back at the Queen of Tejano’s visuals

Selena Quintanilla’s music legacy not only lives on through her five studio albums, but her array of music videos. 25 years after her death, fans have chance to remember the Queen of Tejano through the images she has left behind. The Mexican American songstress brought the essence and craft of her songs to life through the visuals which have been viewed on YouTube over a million times.

From the iconic Bidi Bidi Bom Bom music video filmed on the Santa Monica Pier to the posthumous I Could Fall n Love, that holds a special message, celebrate Selena’s most iconic music videos.

La carcacha
The red shirt, the red lip and the dancing! Selena and Los Dinos look like babies as they filmed their first music video. Selena and the band perform in front of images of a busy city and people walking to the tune of track. Throughout the duration of the song, Selena dances and sings nonstop. And honestly, who can blame her with a bop that good?

La Llamada
Selena and Los Dinos kept the downhome Texas vibes going. The entire video is shot at a party and gave the world a look at Cumbia. There’s also a sweet introduction of guitarist and the late singer’s husband Chris Perez. One of the most stand out moments come as Selena stuns in a black dress and jewels with her hair in and updo. Proving that she was a girl who could pull off any look.

Donde Quiera Que Estes
In the streets of New York City, the songstress traded in her band for the Barrio Boyzz. One of her most iconic features, it’s also one of the videos that captures the full essence of the 1990s. Making another switch, Selena and the Boyzz busted out their best hip hop moves. Everyone loves a good dance break.

Amor Prohibido
Filmed at Joshua Tree, Selena and her love danced around the desert. While all of that was iconic, we can’t overlook the wardrobe changes that took place. Selena wore a variety of tops, vests, jeans and boots that she rocked as she frolicked in the sand with her amor.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom
The Santa Monica Pier never looked more fun. It’s true that the landmark was a staple for music videos in the 1990s, but it was Selena who made it a true party. After a cute man captures her eye at the gas station, Selena takes it to the pier where she is joined by a lot of equally excited (and dance-y) friends.

No Me Queda Mas
It all starts with her sitting at a restaurant and being presented with a letter and a flower from her love, who informs her that he is leaving her for another woman. Selena looks the most stunning (in her white Grammys dress) during the performance sequence as she stands on a set of stairs and sings while an orchestra accompanies her. Throughout the video, she debates crashing her lover’s beach wedding. Sadly, this was the final video she filmed before she passed away. The video was filmed at the San Antonio Amtrak station. The location was used once again, during the filming of the movie based on her life starring Jennifer Lopez.

I Could Fall in Love
Released five months after her untimely death, the music video captured the heart and essence of Selena’s visual representation throughout her career. The video takes fans of the Queen of Tejano back through pictures, concert footage and video clips taken through her career. The emotional video revisits her most iconic looks, performances and moments captured through the creative lenses of those who worked with her.