Neymar y su mamá

Neymar’s reaction to his mother dating a 22-year-old Brazilian gamer

Nadine Gonçalves, 53, posted a photo with her partner who is 31 years his junior

When it comes to falling in love, Neymar Jr.’s mother chooses to follow her heart and ignore the age. Nadine Gonçalves, mother of the soccer star, decided to make her relationship public by sharing a photo alongside her boyfriend, Thiago Ramos, a 22-year-old Brazilian gamer. Despite being six years younger than Neymar, the ballplayer is supportive of his mother’s new relationship.

Neymar Jr. and his mom ©@nadine.goncalves
Neymar did not hesitate to congratulate his mother on their new relationship

While the 28-year-old forward received many comments joking about the age of his “new stepfather,” Neymar turned a deaf ear and supportive message to his mom: ”Be happy mom, I love you.”

Likewise, the father of the PSG star also joined the chain of good wishes and supported the decision of his ex-wife with some applause emojis.

Nadine Gonçalves©@nadine.goncalves
Nadine Gonçalves, 53, with her boyfriend of 22, Thiago Ramos

For her part, Nadine wrote “The inexplicable is not explained, if you live,” on the sweet photo next to Thiago. Ramos also took to his social account and share the same photo with the caption, “Inexplicable,” and added a heart.

Thiago is part of the gaming team 4K EASY, one of the best e-sports teams in Brazil. The young man also tried his luck in soccer, however he chose to pursue a career in the world of virtual games and competitions.

Thiago Ramos, boyfriend of Neymar Jr.’s mom©Facebook
The young Brazilian is a model and a TikTok star

Aside from being a gamer, Thiago also models and has a popular account on the social platform TikTok.