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Cardi B‘s daughter Kulture looks so grown up in her trendiest look for Easter

The 1-year-toddler is showing off her fashionable look while wearing the cutest pink ensemble

Cardi B recently shared a sweet post of her daughter Kulture where she looks all grown up and fashionable. The 2-year-old toddler is wearing a tweed coat with fur cuffs and collar, tights and black flats for Easter celebration. “My baby 👶🏽 Happy Easter 🐣.”, shared Cardi B on her recent post. Cardi B, who is recently known for her Coronavirus speech has been social distancing while spending time with her family. The Bodak Yellow rapper recently teamed up with Fashion Nova to give away $1k per hour for those affected during the global pandemic.

Cardi B's daughter©@iamcardib
Kulture shows off her chic look during Easter celebration

The behemoth fashion retailer will be $1,000 every hour from April 8 through May 20. “Thank you guys for supporting me and @FashionNova, I teamed up with them to help those that have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic,” she shared. Cardi is not afraid to speak up about Coronavirus and how people are being affected by the pandemic. She continues to voice her thoughts on health care treatments and how people should receive proper care during these difficult times. “A lot of people can’t afford tests”, she recently captioned in a video. She also urges her fans to complete the Census during the Coronavirus pandemic, “Don‘t let this virus distract you from the fact that this census is IMPORTANT, now more than ever, to getting the resources we NEED in our communities.”

Cardi B daughter's is all grown up©@iamcardib
Cardi B teamed up with Fashion Nova to donate $1000 every hour

Besides encouraging her fans to stay home and take responsible measures, the mother-of-one is always showing off her daughter’s fashion ensembles. Kulture is known for always wearing the trendiest looks on Cardi‘s social media channel. On January 26, the toddler is wearing a Burberry scarf and cap with a chic coat. And on February 6, Kulture is wearing a classy pink ensemble with pink shoes while on an outing with her family during her 2nd birthday party. She has definitely grown up and we can’t see her future style.

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