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Sofia Vergara gets emotional as she celebrates this very important birthday

The ‘Modern Family’ actress shows her love for this very important place

Like all Latinos,  Sofia Vergara is incredibly proud of her heritage. So it’s understandable that when it comes time to celebrate her beautiful native country of Colombia, the Modern Family actress will get super emotional when something big (like a birthday) occurs in her country. Recently, Sofia took to her social media page to share several photos and a video celebrating the birthday of her hometown in Colombia — Barranquilla. The video that Sofia shared showed the heart and liveliness of the city that gave us celebs like Sofia,  Shakira, editor-in-chief of Elle and Bravo’s Project Runway judge Nina Garcia and celebrity chef Ingrid Hoffman.

Sofia Vergara shares a picture of herself celebrating©@sofiavergara
Sofia Vergara shows fans just how spirited the people from Barranquilla can be

In the two photos that the Bottom of the 9th actress, fans saw Sofia celebrating her hometown proudly among family and fellow Colombians. She added the captions “Happy Birthday” to both images. The video that she shared on the @sofiavergara social media feed gives everyone a tour of the beautiful city of Barranquilla and explains what sets it apart from other cities and makes it (and its people) so magical. The video starts off with the opening notes of the insanely popular salsa song En Barranquilla Me Quedo by none other than the iconic singer Joe Arroyo (who also gave us the hit No Le Pegue a La Negra).

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We also see clips of Sofia winning an award and Shakira’s history-making Super Bowl LIV performance, both symbols of the pride of Barranquilla has for it’s people. Sofia captioned her video, which was produced and shared by the Alcaldía de Barranquilla (aka the Municipality of Barranquilla), “Barranquilla! 🎉 Happy Birthday!! I love you! ❤️❤️”

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