Anna Kournikova and her daughter Mary

Anna Kournikova shows off baby daughter – but does Mary look more like Enrique Iglesias?

The former tennis player only gave birth two months ago and is already back in amazing shape

We got a glimpse of Enrique Iglesias dancing with adorable baby daughter Mary this week and just a few days later it’s mom Anna Kournikova who is captured with the little babe in arms. Just as in the cute dancing video with her dad, Mary’s huge blue eyes are the focus of the photo, with many commentators debating as to who she most looks like. While her eyes and hair is similar to Anna’s, the face shape and expression is very reminiscent of dad Enrique.

Anna Kournikova and her daughter Mary©@annakournikova
This is the first time we’ve seen Anna Kournikova with her daughter since her birth

Baby Mary is wearing tiny little white mittens in the photo, probably to stop her from scratching herself with her own finger nails. As she stares intently over her mom’s shoulder, with a little pink and white bib attached around her neck, it’s hard not to be reminded of the Hero singer, who often has the same intense look!

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In the video that Spanish singer Enrique shared of him dancing with his youngest daughter, it’s obvious to see how adored the newest member of the family is and her half-smile as she bounces on dad’s knee shows just what a charmer she’s going to become. Russian former tennis star Anna and Enrique are very private when it comes to their personal lives – Anna didn’t announce her pregnancy with Mary until just a few weeks before her birth.

Another detail that stood out from the photo was how quickly Anna has snapped back into shape after her pregnancy. Having played competitive tennis in her youth, exercise is an integral part of her life and she no doubt kept active during her pregnancy.

Anna Kournikova©@annakournikova
Anna Kournikova often posts her fitness routines on Instagram

Aside from photos of her children – two-year-old twins Lucy and Nicholas also often appear on her Instagram – Anna often posts videos of her workout routines to inspire her followers to keep healthy.

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